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Blueberry offers affordable and high-quality illustrations as well as Publishing services. We started as a very famous Children’s book illustration agency and in the last decade, we have provided illustrations and publishing for thousands of clients, including Children’s book authors and other authors. We have some of the best children book illustrators and publishing staff, making us one of the most successful illustrations and publishing service providers in the USA and many other parts of the world.

If you are looking for Children’s book illustrations and self-publishing services, you can get really excited, as you are at the right place.




Award Winning Authors and their Success Stories

Hundreds of our authors have won awards for their Children’s books published and illustrated by Blueberry Illustrations.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Direct communication with the illustrator

    You will communicate directly with the illustrator and you can share all your ideas and expectations directly.

  2. Free Revisions

    There is no extra cost for revisions. You can suggest revisions during the illustration or Publishing process and it will be implemented without any difficulty. Every file / design/ illustration will be approved by the author.

  3. Work governed by a contract

    Your book will be completed within a time frame which is decided in the beginning. All work will be delivered exactly as committed.

  4. Sell your Book

    You can sell your book on your website as well as on our Book store along with Amazon and other online book stores.

  5. Print on Demand (Print 1 or 1000 books)

    You may order any number of author copies without the need of maintaining any inventory. You will get the copies at discounted cost (Authors are entitled to get their copies at discounted cost).

  6. Easy Publishing Process

    We keep our processes as simple as possible. We will do most of the things like setting up the publishing account with amazon / others, adding the copyright page, completing the layout & book printing and you can enjoy the process.

Now you can see a Customized Sample Illustration for your Story

Request a Sample Illustration

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    Order a Sample

    You can request a sample illustration. Our illustrators can work in traditional style as well as digital medium. You can select any style from our gallery and we will provide a sample (100% customized) in the same style for your story.

    Request a sample illustration

We truly care for our Authors and we offer Multiple Payment Options

Payment Plan and Discounts

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    Single payment

    Happy Offer On Making 100% Upfront Payment , you are eligible for a flat 10% Discount on the total cost of the Project.

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    Two Part Payment (50% Upfront & 50% During the project)

    Affordable With this Payment plan , you are eligible for a flat 5% Discount on the total cost of the Project.

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    Three Part payment

    Smooth sailing with this payment plan, you can easily pay in three installments.


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Every author wants best services for their children's book. It is not easy to find reliable children's book agency which can provide high quality children's book illustrations and children's book publishing services. One of the top concerns of any children's book author is to find the best children book illustrator for their book.

It is not easy to find a quality children's book illustrator because there are many children's book illustrators who are available, and it is very difficult to find the best children's book illustrator for a children's book. Every year many children's books are published but only a few of them are successful.

One of the top reasons behind success of those children's book is the children's book illustrations. Usually, the children's book illustrator is hired under the illustrator for hire contract where the author has full copyright ownership. The author must make serious efforts in ensuring that the children's book illustrator hired is not only talented but also flexible to make revisions as and when required. This point must be covered in the illustrator for hire contract.

If the author is able to select a good children's book illustrator for the book, then it is a great achievement. The success of any children's book depends upon good children's book illustrations and a good story. The other important aspect is the designing part of the children's book which includes the cover design and book layout / book inside design. If these aspects are handled properly, then there are higher chances that the book will do very well. there are many different styles of children's book illustrations like the digital illustration style and the hand painted / watercolor style of illustration. All the style of illustrations are good and may be used depending on the story.

One of the main things that any children book author should keep in mind is to explain the story to the illustrator and take inputs from the children's book illustrator. This will help the author in hiring the best children's book illustrator for their children's book. The author should also make sure that proper illustration notes are made to help the children's book illustrator.

The process of illustration and publishing is an important project and the author must be ready to share quick feedback and the children’s book illustrator must be willing to make required changes quickly and share with the author. If there are a good understanding between the children’s book author and the children’s book illustrator, then a lot of issues are handled without any problems.

The main idea is to work around a central objective and that is to create a wonderful children’s book which is loved by the children. The children’s book may target kids of various age group and the illustration and design of the book should be done accordingly. If the book is for infants , then the illustrations must be more bright and engaging.

The main idea is to engage the attention of the kids when they are looking at the book. This can only be achieved with a dedicated teamwork between the children’s book author and the children’s book illustrator. Once this is achieved, it is a sure shot route to a successful children’s book. With the right efforts, great results can be achieved.

Many authors start with a single book but later turn their stories in book series. With the success of every book, the next step is to add more books. This way children's book authors not only achieve success but they also gain immense experience in the field of children's book industry. Higher milestones can be achieved once the experience has been attained.