Inside Book Design

The inside book layout determines the look of the book on the inside. Only illustrations and manuscript is not acceptable as a book; there are standard codes for publishing which are adhered to, it includes, the addition of pages like Author’s Page, Title page, Copyright page with ISBN number, dedication page and a few other pages.


Inside Book Design (without Book Cover Design, only include inside book layout\design)

Examples of various book inside page designs have been shown one by one. Take a look and enjoy it.

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Title Page

Repeats the title and author as printed on the cover or spine.

Copyright Page

Usually, the verso of the title page, this page carries the copyright notice, edition information, publication information, printing history, cataloging data, legal notices, and the books ISBN or identification number.


Dedication Page

A dedication page is a page in a book that precedes the text, in which the author names the person or people for whom he/she has written the book.


A preface generally covers the story of how the book came into being, or how the idea for the book was developed. This is often followed by thanks and acknowledgments to people who were helpful to the author during the time of writing.

Author Page/Introduction

A beginning section which states the purpose and goals of the following writing.


Text and Illustration Layout

Text layout:- What font and size of the text is used and how is the text placed in relation to the illustrations. How much margin is given and all the other things related to the selection and placement of text.

Illustration layout:- The illustrations used inside the book with the text, their placement in the pages, using full illustrations or using spots to give them extra effects. The illustrations can be used in multiple ways to enhance the designing or to fill the vacant areas on the pages where there are no illustrations.

Not only these pages are added, but we also need to do a proper layout of the text of the manuscript, the font selection, spacing between words, lines and paragraphs. The pages need to be designed for kids and should have a colorful design. The text must be placed in a fashion that enhances the illustrations and does not take a look away. The illustration and text layout are very important to keep the readers engaged in both illustrations as well as message/text.


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