Why Blueberry Illustrations is Best in The Field of Children Book Illustrations and Book Designing

Blueberry illustrations is a leader in the Children book illustration and book designing of Children books. This is evident by the fact that so far more than 500 book have been illustrated and designed. Book design means designing the cover page as well as the inside pages of the children book. Most of the Author’s want Blueberry illustrations (BBI) to do their illustrations as well as book designing. BBI has more than 26 different illustration styles which is maximum offered by anyone. Most of the other agencies show the work of different illustrators but same styles are repeated. With BBI, the Author actually gets different styles of illustration.

All illustrators of blueberry illustrations and book designers are in house and any project is not outsourced. All other agencies outsource their work and thus a very little control is exercised over the illustrators and book designers. More than anything the record speaks for itself and with more than 275 satisfied Authors and many of them have got more than one book illustrated and designed by BBI. There are other agencies also who have tried to copy the processes of BBI but have not been successful because of various reasons. One important factor is Pricing, BBI has kept the price very affordable, here you can get the illustrations for $70 per illustration. Most other illustration agencies charge between $120-$150 per illustration. The designing prices are also very reasonable, with BBI you can get your book designed for $299 only and other agencies/designers will charge you between $499- $799 for the same service.

BBI has been serving its Author’s for almost 7 years now and they have the expertise and know how about working with First time Author’s. Out of 275 odd books, most of the Author’s were first timers and BBI helped them out with every information related to illustrations, book designing and self publishing. Many Author’s have given very high rating to BBI because they have delivered every promise which was made in the beginning of the project. Every Author’s book is taken very seriously and relevant recommendations are made from time to time in terms of “how to improve the story line or what steps must be take n to make the book more market ready”.

BBI has also helped many Author’s self publish their book and also promote the books using Online branding of the books. BBI has grown step by step , starting with just illustrations, now providing end to end solution from illustrations to designing, self publishing to Book marketing. BBI is truly the market leader in Children books and with our low pricing and excellent delivery record, the company expects to reach the number of 1000 Children’s book very shortly.