What Qualities Should A Good Children’s Book Cover Possess? Find Out

You cannot judge a book by its cover but surely cover is the first thing which attracts a reader. It’s the cover which communicates your first message to its audience. Your children book cover design gives the message, the idea of your story to your reader. If the reader does not find your cover design interesting enough to check what’s inside, it will not matter how well your story is written, how relevant and important the content of your book is. So, you cannot underrate the importance of a good catchy cover design. It’s the introduction to your book.

The Book Title

With our experience of illustration thousands of books and working on thousands of cover designs, we can guide you with a crisp list of essential which a good cover design must have.

The first and foremost thing is the title you choose for your book. The title must be easy to read and understand. It can have an irony but it should definitely spark an interest. It should be able to connect with the reader in some way. It should be relatable.

Professional Cover Text Design

The text used for the cover design should be simple and quite readable. The selection of fonts and colors should be such that it is not hidden by the artwork or the photograph used. The other contributors like author’s name and the illustrator’s name should not overpower the title. Everything needs to look like a perfect composition. There is a huge difference in a how an amateur cover design is composed and a professional cover design where all the elements are like bound together in some way which is perfect.

Back Cover Text

The first thing which the potential reader would read is the back cover text. Its vital to write the best on the back cover. It can be some good reviews for your book, or some really nice intercept from your book which can create interest in the readers. The back cover should also be designed aesthetically. You can give a glimpse of some other characters/objects/actions to bring in the readers interest.

The Cover Art

You may use some photograph as a cover or an illustration but it is very important that the Cover art is in line with the genre of the book. For example, if you book is a love story, a dark ghostly cover will never attract the right reader. Both the story and the art needs the perfect sync. Another very important thing, which many amateur cover designers ignore is how much crowded the cover art should be. In today’s age of ecommerce, even the thumbnail of the cover matters quite much. It should be good enough so that the potential reader clicks on it to know more. Follow the simple rule that the cover design should look good in a thumbnail size also. For example, if the illustration is too detailed and the title text etc is too small, nothing will show up in the thumbnail size and it will only look like some color scribbles and the potential reader may not even click that. And no author would want that.

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