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Blueberry illustrations takes immense pride in offering its Authors website, where the Author can not only showcase his/her Book but also build a strong online presence. These websites are very professional in design, easy to maintain (You can literally add everything in plain English, no need of doing any kind of coding), search engine friendly (to remain on top on Google) and fully responsive. Now you can easily update about your various workshops, school visits, any latest work which you will be publishing. Let the whole world know what you do, of course in a professional way.

An author’s website is a very necessary platform for each individual who aspires to be an Author. There are various reasons which make it extremely important to have a website. An Author not only needs to make the readers aware that he/she has written a book but also needs to be in touch with his/her readers. A website not just serves the purpose of an active interaction but also a very good marketing tool. The important thing here is that the website should have all the features which can make the website more interactive and also easy to maintain.


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • One time payment and Lifetime ownership of the website
  • One year of Domain and Hosting included
  • 24 X 7 Assistance
  • Easy to promote on all Social media websites
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Direct link for selling the book on Amazon / Other Book store and many more exciting features to help the authors to sell more books

A normal Authors website should have basic features like access to facebook, twitter and other social media platforms, which makes it a lot easier for the author to connect more dynamically. One more important thing is that the website should easy to maintain because maintaining a website can be difficult. Nowadays, websites are available in which there is no need to worry about coding, etc. The look of the website should be professional looking and easy to maintain.

The website can serve the purpose of connecting as well as help the Author in selling the books if there is a link or a page on which books can be put for sale. The website should have as much information about the book as possible because once a reader is on the website, he/she wants to know more and more about the book as well as the Author. One page must be dedicated to the Author also because readers are especially interested in knowing more about the Author before buying the book.

It’s very important as an Author to give your contact details, which can include your phone number or email id, because people may like to contact you and ask about the book or would like to connect with you in person. Also, you can share your biography and what are your likings and what motivates you to write.

In order to do all this, you need to find a good web designer who can create a website which meets your requirements without needing to know a lot of technicalities. One should focus on getting the right website, which can place the Author at the right place and give him/her an edge to connect well with the readers. Not having a website can really put an Author on the back foot because, in this technologically driven world, one needs to move with the world and brand himself as a pioneer in his/her field.

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We can help you if:

You need a website where you can show your latest books and brand yourself.

You already have a website, but it’s difficult to manage.

You don’t want another website, but you need someone to do regular updates.

You’d like to shift your website to the WordPress platform so that you can do updates yourself.

You’d like to create and implement a marketing plan for your Book.

You want social media campaigns, including Newsletters, Facebook, Google+, blogs, Articles.

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