How to Choose a Self Publisher

When you have finished writing a children’s book or any other book, usually you want services like illustrations, layout services, editing and self publishing. When you approach any self publisher, you will realize that everyone is offering these services. You need to know the criteria based in which you can choose the one who will fulfill your requirements better. In this blog we will discuss the criteria’s.

Affordable- There is no such term as affordable. Everyone has a different range or budget, so choose the self publisher who can do the services in your budget.

Range of services- When you approach a self publisher, you should see all the services which are being offered by them. Also, you can ask for a sample of each service and you can yourself judge the services offered by them.

Quality- When it comes to buying illustrations and design (layout), you must check the quality of illustrations and design created by them. Also, you must ensure that the illustration styles offered by them should suit your story.

Time frame- You must choose a self publisher who can deliver quickly. If you end up choosing a wrong agency, your book may take years to get published.

Terms and conditions- You must see all terms and conditions which will govern the association between you and the self publisher. There should be flexibility in terms of revisions and changes in the final designs if you require them. These points must be discussed in the beginning itself.

Reviews- Every agency has a place in the market and the best way to judge someone is by the reviews the agency has got. If you find that the reviews of a particular agency is very good, then there must be a reason behind it. Agencies like have got exceptional reviews because they take the authors very seriously and make sure that every need id fulfilled and all services are provided in the best possible manner.

Involvement of author- The self publisher must involve the author in every activity and it should not happen that the author gets to see the final product only. Ideally the author should be informed about the progress of every activity like illustrations, design and publishing. Approval of every activity by the author is one important criteria.

Self publishing is an important decision and it should be done with good research on the part of the author. Once you are ready, choose the right self publisher and get the job done.