5 reason to choose blueberry illustrations for book designing/book layout

Book layout is a very important part of the publishing. Once the illustrations are complete, you need the complete layout of the book so that it is print ready. It will include getting a book cover design as well as the inside layout of the book as per printer specification. Blueberry illustrations offers exclusive books layout services to the authors and with more than 400 books already designed and self published, we are certainly one of the most experienced self publishers in children’s book.

There are many reasons to choose Blueberry illustrations but the top 5 reasons to choose us for book layout are mentioned below.

  1.  Samples/ designs-  No one else if offering the samples for book layout but we have displayed various examples of inside book layout as well as the book covers. You can have a look at the various designs and choose a style for your book. All these samples are actually from books that we have designed and later published.
  2. Affordable cost – Our price for the cover design as well as the inside book layout is very affordable. We only charge $149 for the cover design and $299 for the inside layout of the book. This price includes revisions as well as approval of the design from the author.
  3. Experienced designers – The designers at blueberry illustrations are the best in the industry. We have very experienced designers who are not only very creative but they are also very flexible when it comes to making changes as per the authors requirements.
  4. Perfect specifications – We will design the books perfectly and the designs will meet the specification of every printer. Also, we will assist you at a later stage also, in case you need some minor changes here and there.
  5. Authors approval – Every book layout which we do will be approved by the author as we send all designs for the approval to the author. In case of changes, they are carried out free of cost. We include the authors preference at every stage. You can also read our reviews given to us by many authors who have used our book layout services in the review section of our website.