Pros And Cons of Publishing Vs Self Publishing

This may be one of the difficult questions to answer but this certainly is a very important question. The difference between publishing and self publishing is a very clear one and very well known. When you decide to publish your book with a traditional publisher, you need to send you manuscript to various desks and many don’t even accept Unsolicited manuscripts. In this case the waiting time may vary from a few months to a few years unless your manuscript is liked by a publisher who offers to publish it. Again, while sending the manuscripts, you must follow various unsaid rules of the industry like informing the publishing house if you are also sending your manuscripts to other publishers. Likewise, don’t follow up with phone calls every week, as they are really busy and don’t have enough time to satisfy your follow up calls on the phone.

The key here is waiting patiently and thinking about other projects also, in case you want to write more or have other stories in your mind. The children book publisher  will usually give you an upfront payment and then will sign you with a contract for sharing the royalty. You can usually find these details on the website or you can also speak with them once the story is finalized. It can be a profitable thing if all goes well.

But if things don’t go as per the plan, then you may need to take the route of  children’s book self publishing  books which is an extremely easy alternative and your book still gets published. It can still reach your target audience but the only issue is the distribution channels. The self publisher will only make your book print ready or even print it on demand but taking it to your target audience is something which you will have to do. For this purpose, there are various marketing packages which many self publishers offer, like the website creation, and giving your good ranking on google for books search in your category. They might even give you the offer to showcase your book at one of the international nook fairs like the Bologna book fair or the farnkfurt book fair, this will come at a cost.

The fact of the matter is that the self published books are also doing well and in some cases, the self published books have even been republished by the Traditional publishers when they started to do well. So, having faith in your writing capabilities is the key here and publishing  or self publishing  or Self publishing for kids books  can be decided depending upon the situation. The effort must be made on making the manuscript as sellable as possible or as perfect as desirable. You must get it reviewed from your friends or find an authors community where they will do it and give you good suggestions. You might even consider finding an agent who can help you with finding a children book publisher . In Case of children’s book self publishing books, all you need to do is to pay the self publisher and decide the publishing package which suits your pocket and also look for a good marketing option which can promote your book.