Style 19


This style of children’s books illustrations is done digitally in a style as real as possible. This style is very suitable for educational books, textbooks, and activity books. The nature of such illustrations is descriptive, where the children can get to know what is what and how they look or appear. These illustrations are very realistic and the anatomy is very perfect. They also maintain the exact dimensions of the body type or the positioning of various parts of the body or other important organs. The focus of these illustrations remains on getting the object illustrated perfectly. There is no need to add any background as they are not usually a part of routing children routine children’s books, which have a story. The expressions are also very much real and there is no exaggeration of expressions. These are very real, like images and suitable for all real objects and characters which exist on earth, it can be solar system or water cycle, or parts of plant or brain, any bird or animal etc.