Style 5

This illustration style is quite a painterly style of illustration, but it is done digitally. These illustrations have the realism of an acrylic painting but yet are finer and sharper, for it is done digitally. The character designing can be done in semi-realistic or cartoon style, as the story demands, and detailed shading/coloring is done digitally in close to realistic colors. This style is suitable for all books for all ages.

This illustration style is done digitally and the characters can be realistic or semi-realistic depending upon the requirement of the story. The look of the illustration is that of an acrylic illustration, but it is a digital illustration and the effects are more sharper. There is a very soothing feel to these illustrations and they are very smooth. Usually, the background is deep, but it may be restricted to the main scene also and this also depends upon the requirement form the scene. All kinds of characters, as well as animals, can be made in this style along with every kind of background and other elements, which are essential parts of any illustration. As a picture book illustrator, it feels good to have learned this style, which is digital but looks more like a hand-painted illustration. It is suitable for all those who want the images to be clearer and sharper but want hand-painted illustrations. This style of illustration is also suitable for all genres and types of stories. The animals, as well as human characters, are very nicely illustrated and the background also complements the scene. The sketching is done manually and once the sketch is approved for color, the digital colors are added, maintaining the look of a hand-painted illustration.

Why is a picture book illustrator needed?

This may be an alien question to those who don’t know much about the children’s books. But those who have read a children’s book or are Author knows the value of picture book illustrator and they know it very well that a children’s book is only half complete without the illustrations there. It’s a very important aspect of a children’s book. Have you ever wondered why it is so relevant when the story is ready? The answer lies in the fact that the most important end-user of children’s book is a kid and kids are not much into written text. They are more into pictures and for them, pictures do the talking and through the pictures, they would like to understand the text.

The story becomes relevant through the pictures and there is no text which can’t be expressed through pictures. There is a famous saying, a picture is worth a thousand words and it is very relevant in terms of children’s books. The vibrant and colorful pictures which have life in them are like the soul of children’s books. If an Author underestimates the power of a good illustration, then it’s like not understanding the desires of his/her end-user, who happened to be a kid who desires to be taught through pictures.

Choosing a picture book illustrator may be difficult because everyone has a particular style and selecting may be difficult. It’s exactly like choosing the right employee in a company and getting the right person takes your company to greater heights and a wrong person can cause great agony and losses. It’s better to look for a picture book illustrator who has the experience and understands your requirements and has a style of illustration to offer, which suite your storyline. Also, it’s better to get an illustrator from an agency that can take care in case the illustrator does not meet your needs and they can give you another replacement. Blueberry illustrations is one such agency where you can have a hassle-free experience in getting an experienced picture book illustrator.

It’s also important to choose a relevant style of illustration because all styles don’t suit every kind of story; generally, stories are categorized as a bedtime story, rhymes, activity, adventure, manners, religious, fun, etc. Depending upon the category, it’s best to choose styles like the realistic, semi-realistic, digital, whimsical style of illustrations, etc. It is making the right choice initially will go a long way in determining the success of the book.