Style 12

This illustration style is very close to 3D illustrations. The coloring is really detailed, making the characters come alive. These illustrations are done digitally and are equally loved by both kids and adults. The character design can vary from cartoon to semi-realistic to cartoon/anime like as the story demands. This illustration style is suitable for all ages and all genres of books.

This style of picture book illustration is done in a digital style of illustration and is suitable for all kinds of children books. The use of colors is bright, which makes the characters full of life and the illustrations really look very lively. The expressions of the characters are very clear and can easily suggest what is happening in the scene. The use of background elements is done and the elements have been taken from nature as well as other man-made elements have been used. This style of illustration is really loved by children and adults. This style looks equally attractive for human characters as well as Animal characters. The coloring is done in real details and that is why the illustrations also give a 3 dimensional or a 3-d appearance. The shading is also done in a manner which makes the illustrations really unique. This style of illustration is really preferred by many children book Authors and other Authors who want to get their cover page illustration. Making a cover page in this style of illustration is highly recommended because this gives a very impressive look to the book.

Many authors have a preference for an illustrator who is local or living in the same city so that the Author can coordinate with the local children book illustrator directly. This works for many Author’s, but in many cases, you have to compromise because you don’t find a good local children book illustrator who is locally available. Another case may be that the illustrator who lives in the same city is not free to take up your project. So, either you have to wait so that illustrator becomes available and starts to work on your project or you compromise with the quality by hiring any illustrator who is living nearby.

As an author, you must understand that no one is going to meet you daily and even the local children book illustrator is going to send you the work over the E-mail only because the E-mail images are sent in 300 DPI which is print-ready and even the printers also accept the E-mail images, scanned at 300 DPI. So, in order to make things easy, you must focus on the talent and suitability of the illustrator in your project. As far as communication is concerned, you can have a Skype call, which is as good as a meeting. You must make use of technology in order to accomplish success.

For an illustrator who is not living close to you, you must get a contract signed and all the terms and conditions should be clearly mentioned, like the terms and conditions of delivery of work and the payment structure, etc. Once these things have been done, you can easily work with any illustrator. You must make sure that you two communicate well and that the illustrator is able to understand your ideas well. There are many successful books in which the Author and the illustrator belonged to different countries and yet they understood each other so well that they created excellent books.

As far as the hard copies of the illustration are concerned, you can mention on the contract that the hard copies will be shipped to you by the illustrator and you should be ready to pay the shipment cost. You can retain the hard copies of illustrations, although it’s of no use in printing, you can keep them with you if the illustrator has agreed to transfer all the copyrights to you. This is again something which you should discuss with the illustrator, local, or not local.

So choosing an illustrator should depend upon the suitability of the illustrator and not on the location of the illustrator.