Style 11

Our best children book illustrator created this fun whimsical illustration style, which is done using bright manual coloring and very expressive characters. This style of illustration is suitable for all ages, especially for picture books.

This style of illustration can be a challenge even for the best children book illustrator. This style of illustration is made with whimsical characters by using manual coloring style and bright colors are used to give it an adorable finishing. This style is one of the most preferred styles of illustration for children’s books and it can be seen in many successful books as well. The use of background detail is moderate and is used as per the requirement of the script. Elements from nature are widely used by our best children book illustrator and other indoor elements can be equally used to great effect. The expressions are not very loud, but they are clear enough to show what the character is doing or thinking. The kids love such expressions and that is the reason many books are made in this style. The stories based on some adventure theme or activity can use this style of children’s book illustration. The colors used are bright and the characters are whimsical. This style of illustration easily goes with both human characters as well as animals. The overall look of this style of children’s book illustration is semi-realistic or cartoonist. The body proportions are real, but the shape is not exactly the photograph type. This style easily brings about the fun element from the illustration and is very easy to go on the eyes of the reader, both adults and kids.