Style 4

This illustration style is close to classical illustrations. These illustrations are done manually using watercolors. The character designing varies from realistic to semi-realistic and the transparent watercolors make the illustrations translucent and illuminating. This Classic illustration is suitable for all ages and all genres of books.

This style of illustration is a classic illustration style done in watercolor and the characters look very real. The colors used depend upon the requirement of the scene and all kinds of colors are used, bright as well as dull, in order to add value to the illustration. This style can be very difficult for any children book illustrator because the sketch, as well as the color, determines the final outcome of the illustration. Elements from nature in the background are very important as they add a lot and that is why they are used but very carefully. Background detail may be provided based on the requirement from the scene; few scenes have detailed background, whereas few have limited background and the focus is on the main activity in the illustration. This Classic illustration style is a very fine style of illustration as it gives a very soothing feeling to the eyes and is suitable for all the genres of storybooks. The character designing can be realistic or semi-realistic, depending upon the story’s need. Its difficult to bring very rich expressions using this watercolor, but the style of illustration is an exception to that and beautiful expressions are given in this style. Night scenes can also be illustrated and the light effects are really very eye-catching.