Is writing a children Book profitable?

I come across this question on various occasions by author’s aspiring to write children’s story books. I always tell them that you should write a children book for the love of it and not thinking of it can be profitable or not.

If a children book is written well and is complemented with great illustrations then children will definitely love it and the purpose is served. But of course the journey does not stop just there, you get a lot of royalties if you have been able to find a children book publisher and the book is doing well. Even if you have self-published and the book is selling well on Amazon or other places, then also you end up making good profit.

Writing for children can be a profitable venture if you are writing well and with the understanding of what a child would love. Generally people make mistake here and they write and then think that the kids will love their writing but it does not happen. It is strongly recommended that you read children story books, the ones which have done exceptionally well and then do self thinking, why some books do so well? It will help you understand, what do children love. It’s not always the content, its how you present the content and of course the illustrations play a major role in that.

Make great efforts in selecting the right illustrator as he/she can make your journey 50% easy because it usually half the contribution which you get through illustrations, specially in children books. Discuss various illustrations styles with the illustrator and also search through various children story books series, to find out a good illustration styles/style from them and see if your illustrator could draw that .

Just keep in mind the fact that the taste of children also shifts with time, today’s child may have developed a taste for more digitally oriented illustrations as they resemble the animations which the kids are watching on the televisions. This is just to open your thoughts, so the point is to think form all angles and then conclude the final route which you will take.