Is Self-Publishing a Book Profitable?

You have written your book, and have made a choice between the two- traditional vs Self-publishing. Now, the bigger question, is Self-Publishing really profitable? The answer is not that simple. But just like any other business, YES, you can be successful and earn good money self-publishing your book. Look at the Amazon Bookstore alone, it has millions of books selling there, so you can be sure of it that the book-business is up and running for many-many years and will continue to do so.

Self-Publishing is more than just writing, it is like starting a new venture- being an entrepreneur. There are various aspects of this book industry, and each aspect is equally important-

-Book Compiling

-Book Printing

-Book Marketing & Distribution

Just like any business, before launching your book in the market and hoping for success there, you need to be sure that your book is good and worth every penny and time, of its readers. If your reader is happy, he will be your live book promoter. The key here is: “your book should be worth. “Just writing a good story does not mean it will turn out to be a good book. It needs to be

  • Professionally edited
  • Should have the right illustration vibes,
  • Should be systematically compiled and have a good professional cover design,
  • And last but not the least it should be directed using the right marketing and book promotion strategies.

These are the basics and they need to be right to make a good profitable book business. Now each of the above basic of book building will either need you to do a lot of research (especially if you are new) or you can look our for professional and experienced agencies who are there to guide you through each step and making your book reach its readers and thus aiding in sales.

You can earn from your book sales in two ways, either you will yourself print and distribute physically and make revenue or you the simpler way is to self-publish through amazon, ingramspark, barnes & noble etc and earn royalties. In both the cases, you really need to maintain your author presence through your website or other social networking platforms.

Its really important that you invest your time and money in your book marketing as well since mere launching a book will not invite the readers. It can get very difficult for an author to do all this research and understand the know abouts of book marketing. There are some good book promotion tools provided by Blueberry Illustrations which really work and have helped many authors in their book sales. Get complete set of marketing services to create your bestseller. Work with marketing experts to help you build your Author BRAND. Promote your book, sell more copies and get reviews from real readers. You can be everywhere with various promotion tools. Get an exclusive authors website with link to sell your book from your website. It is always advisable to take professional guidance or hire experts who can create the needed buzz for your book.

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