Style 14

This style for children book illustration is a very unique style which I have learned as a cartoon artist. This style of illustration is a whimsical style and the characters are really very expressive and the proportion of the body is not real. The face is bigger and the focus of the reader is immediately caught by the expressions and the character. A black outline has been given on the outer side of the characters and all the other objects which are created under this style also get a black outline which makes them more eye-catching. The use of a background in these illustrations is not very detailed and little use of background is sufficient. The use of black color is done at other places also in order to give a different outlook and that really suits the illustration. This style of illustration is equally good for animals as well as human characters and the colors used are a mix of bright as well as soft colors. The background can have single or multiple color depending upon the placement of the characters and the number of images in the illustration. This style is really loved by all children and suitable for all children stories as well as book covers.