Style 13

This illustration style is a digital illustration style with clear sharp outlines and nice bright coloring. These illustrations have nice animated characters who are rich in expressions and actions. This style of illustration is suitable for books of all ages and all genres, especially story picture books.

This style of picture book illustration is done in a digital illustration style and all the characters and objects have been given a black outline and colors have been applied inside the outline. The black outline gives a very clear identity to all characters and objects and the illustrations turn out to be very clear. The combination of colors used is very bright and lively and really brings a lot of life to these illustrations. The characters are animated and realistic characters and faces are not used in this style, the reason is that realistic characters don’t bring so much fun element in illustrations as much as these animated faces do. The background details are a mix of elements from nature as well as other man-made objects. The scenes with natural background elements really stand out from the rest of the scenes. This style of illustration is equally suitable for animal characters as well as human characters. The animal characters done in this style look very cute, expressive and lively. Kids really love such animated characters. If you go to any local children’s book illustrator, he/she will tell you that kids really love this style of illustration.

Authors while selecting the illustrators under the illustrator for hire clause should consider this style of illustration as a prerequisite before choosing the illustrator. This style of illustration done in watercolor is a clear indicator that the illustrator is experienced and suitable for your Children’s book.