How to Choose Best Children’s Book Illustration Styles & Illustrator?

When an Author decides to choose an illustrator for his/her children’s book, the most important thing is the style of illustration which will be a part of the book. Usually an illustrator is having a particular style of illustration and at times one illustrator may have two or three different styles. In the process of choosing an illustrator the Author may have to look for many illustrators so that the desired style if illustration may be selected for the book. This is a very time consuming process and this is where the illustration agencies like the come in picture. This is the agencies where you find multiple styles of illustrations under one roof. In fact some of them also categories the illustrations in the various sub styles like realistic illustration style, semi realistic, whimsical, editorial etc. This makes the job of the Author very easy as he/she knows the category in which the story line falls and if the semi realistic or cartoon style will suit the story more.

When you choose an illustration style from the portfolio, you will need to make sure if the illustrator is available to take up a new project or not. If yes, then what is the price and the time frame to finish the illustrations. The Author will also need to sign the contract with the illustrator and mention all the terms and conditions. It is also suggested to ask for a reference in the form of other published books in the same style chosen by you. Also, it is better to get a sample from the illustrator to make sure that the illustrator is really a good match for your book. It may be a paid sample and the Author must give a good description of the sample in order to avoid confusions later.

There is no guarantee that the Author will approve the sample created by the illustrator and so he/she may have to move ahead with some other illustrator. It is also important to measure the flexibility of the illustrator in terms of making changes when desired. There are many projects which are never complete because of the interpersonal conflicts between the Author and the illustrator. It is very important to mention all relevant points in the contract so that any inconvenience may be avoided later. Choosing an experienced illustrator is always an advantage and if the illustrator has done many books in the style of illustration, chosen by you, then it is an added advantage.

You must also make sure that the illustrator is interested in making illustrations for your story and that is when you will get the best from the illustrator otherwise it will just be a routine job for the illustrator which may not be in the best interest of the book.

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