Style 22

This illustration style has slightly edgy yet whimsical characters, which depicts the scene completely with minimal background. These illustrations are done digitally. The rich expressions in these illustrations and the bright colors are loved by both children and adults equally.

This illustration style is one of the rare best illustration styles in which whimsical characters are created digitally and the characters have an edgy look. This makes the illustrations quite sharp. The whimsical look to the characters is given in such a manner that the overall look of illustration is enhanced. The use of background is limited and immediate elements from the background are visible. The use of colors is usually bright, but a combination can also be used. The black outline is done on the border of all the characters as well as objects, which gives them a distinct look. The whimsical illustration style really enhances the overall look of the illustration and is a good choice for human characters as well as animal characters. The expressions are very important in these illustrations because the message is directly conveyed through very illustrations. This style is a good choice for children’s books as well as other books like editorial, blogs, articles and magazines.