Style 16

This is another fun illustration style created by best book illustrator blueberry illustrations. These illustrations use a very nice color combination of monochrome colors with limited bright hues. Each book is designed in limited but bright colors. This style of illustration is suitable for all ages and all genres of books. Kids and Adults both get equally fascinated with this illustration style.

This style of kids book illustration is a very fun illustration style and all the characters are busy performing some action and there is a certain degree of humor everywhere. This illustration style is done by the best book illustrator using digital illustration and the colors used are limited but bright. The coloring pattern is a combination of monochrome color with limited bright hues. All the characters have been given a black outline and then the characters have been given various shades of color. This illustration style is equally suitable for both human characters as well as animal characters. The expressions are very clear, ranging from happiness to anger to frustration. The characters are busy performing some of the other actions. The background is moderate and the reason is to keep the attention to the action and expression of the characters in the illustration. This style makes me feel that every illustrator who wants to win the best book illustrator award should try this style because this style is so different and it’s not an easy style. Kids, as well as adults, love this style and this style is applicable to all genres of Children Books as well as book covers. The book covers are usually the most expressive illustration from the book, which conveys the theme of the book and this style of illustration certainly scores in that area.