Does a website promote a children book

If you are a children book Author and wondering if you need a website where you can show your book for an online presence,then the answer to it is a Yes. You must work hard on your website and the home page must be creatively made where the book cover of your book must be displayed. In case if you are an author who has written a book series, then it becomes even more relevant. You can just keep adding every book which is published and also mention the new and upcoming books.

Put some animation and flash items which will draw the attention of its audience, put a link to Amazon from where the readers can buy the book or have your own payment gateway which can be used to purchase children story books directly from our website.

You must make best efforts to be present on google for some important search keywords like Children book, interesting children book, fairytale books, Kids books, kids education books, kids manner books etc. Please also optimize your website for the category of topic, for example, Manners, child abuse, disability, Animals , environment etc.

Hire a web designer who is experienced in children’s author website designing and knows how to create SEO friendly websites which will do well on all important search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Also putting right keywords in codes is important, so you must work out as a Children book author, the right set of search keywords which will help you connect with the right audience.

Generally audience search for “ children books”,” famous children books” , “ bed time stories for kids” etc, so be aware of the search pattern of the audience and also what content you are offering. This must be done exclusively by the author and not the web designer. The web designer can’t do this for you, as the Author , you must decide the keywords which the web designer or the SEO consultant can work upon.

Keeping the E-book version of your book on the website can also be a very good idea, people tend to buy E-books more because it can be read on a PC, mobile phones, tablets etc. The e-books are usually cheaper also, making it even more affordable to its readers.