Children’s Book illustration styles for your Book

Blueberry illustrations was awarded the most affordable & versatile children book illustration agency which has completed thousands of Children’s books and other books. Not only we offer reasonable price range, but we also offer more than 30 different children’s book illustration styles. As an author, you will know which style is most suitable for your story. Go ahead and choose an illustration style and (contact us), please do mention the style number which you want for your book. We are the best illustrations agency and when you decide to buy it directly from us, you get the best quality and save a lot of money as well. Also, you can have a look at our Theme Based Catalogue of illustrations. Go ahead and enjoy our styles of illustrations.

When you click on a style number, you will see many other images from that particular style of illustration. Please click on any style number and wait for more images to appear.

Please enjoy viewing these various styles and do leave me feedback if you like some of these artworks.

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How many illustration styles will be sufficient for you to decide what suits your children storybook the most? It’s a very tough question, but to make your work easy, we have categorized our illustration styles into 33 different illustration styles. These are from various children’s storybooks, which we have illustrated for authors and publishers. Our idea here is to give you options from where you can easily pick a particular style and while contacting us (contact us), you can mention that particular style of illustration. For example, you like the style 3 but your maximum liking goes with style 2, then while contacting us, just mention that you would like your children book illustrations to be made in style 2. If you feel confused while choosing a style for your book, then you may ask for our suggestion and we would be more than happy to help you reach a conclusion.

The 33 children’s book illustration styles which have been shown in the portfolio are suitable for different age groups of children and also, depending upon the requirement of the story, a style can be chosen. The authors can choose the style themselves, or they can E-mail us at blueberryillustrations@gmail.com and ask our opinion, we will be happy to suggest a style that will be suitable for your story. You may send us (E-mail) any one scene from the story, which summarizes the story nicely.

It has taken us many years to develop so many styles along with the experience of illustrating thousands of children’s storybooks. Every children book is different and has unique requirements. At times one of the existing illustration styles works fine for a new story, whereas at times, we need to develop a new style depending on the requirement.

Every style which is displayed contains children book illustrations from different children storybooks and we try to show enough examples under every style to give our authors a broad idea of how their characters may look like in a particular style. All these kids story books have been published and are already available in the market for sale. You may also purchase a couple of kids story books to see how they look on the printed book.

Our children book illustrations meet all the technical specifications of all the printers and we make illustrations in all formats. All that an author needs to do is let us know any specific requirement and we will make arrangements accordingly. We also make illustrations compatible with E-books and all other print published books. It remains our responsibility to provide any format demanded by the Printer.