Style 9

This illustration style of a comical or semi-realistic style of illustration and the coloring is done digitally after the sketching is done. The sketching is done manually for this style and after that, digital coloring is done in software. Some lines of pencil sketch are also intentionally made visible in this style The best part of this style of illustration for children’s book stories is the soft coloring used in illustrating and the expressions of the characters which is pleasant to the eyes. These illustrations reflect the emotions very nicely. The characters look very lively and active and their actions are easily seen through their facial expressions. Happiness, sorrow, anger, excitement, surprise are few of the expressions which are easily captured in this style. The use of background is done in detail and objects from nature as well as other objects like the building and roads etc is done. The bright colors mixed with a soft tone at places make these illustrations very beautiful to watch. This style is suitable for animal characters as well as human characters. The characters are semi-realistic and their look is more towards the comical look and the stories with adventure themes are really suitable for this style.

This style of illustration is suitable for all types of children’s and young adult books.