Style 15

This style of children’s book illustration is a digital illustration style. As a freelance children’s book illustrator, I have designed this very special illustration style in which the characters and the background have a soft appeal to the viewer. Generally, digital illustrations have bright colors, but in this style of illustration, the overall look of the illustration is soft and very appealing. The characters are semi-realistic and cartoonist and their expressions are very clear. A lot of talking is done through the eyes of the characters. This style of children book illustration designed by our freelance children’s book illustrator is very suitable for books for the age group of 2-6 years of children. Human characters, as well as animal characters, can be illustrated using this style. Books with stories with adventurous, fairy tales, animal stories, or popular old stories are a good match for this style of illustration. The background used in this style is landscapes and open areas, giving a lot of depth to the illustrations. This style of illustration is very popular among kids.

I feel great to have learned this style as a kids book illustrator and I have received so much admiration from kids and their parents. This style of illustration is a whimsical style of illustration and semi-realistic characters with funny and loud expressions are created in this style. The main focus here is on the main character and their expression and that enhances all the action taking place in that scene. There are many published books in this style which have received a lot of admiration in the picture book illustration society. The character designing is given a lot of emphasis in this style of illustration of children’s books and once the character is finalized, the rest of the scenes are started. This style of illustration is a really very good choice with Animal characters as well as human characters (Mostly kids) and many animal characters are given a human outlook.