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Author review-I’m so glad I found Blueberry Illustrations! The company has a helpful, approachable and patient team that is trying to please the customer. I never felt ignored in any situation, and I’m thankful to each and every one of the Blueberry Illustrations. Looking forward to doing more projects with you.     Service purchased- 13 illustrations, 01 Spread illustration (Two-page spread) & Bronze Package (Cover design, book design, hardcover publishing) 

Nicole Lawrence

Author review-I am so happy with how my book turned out! The team at Blueberry Illustrations did a remarkable job! The illustrators listened very carefully to what I wanted for the sketches and with the color illustration and layout. I appreciate their attention to detail as I was very particular about what I wanted Abbey’s Hope Family to look like. Since my book has special needs children in it, I was worried that an illustrator might not exactly know how to make my vision come to fruition. This was not a problem at all for Blueberry Illustrations. When the braces, wheelchairs and walkers of the children did not look realistic enough they worked with me to make numerous revisions so that my story could come across the way I wanted it to. The vibrant colors and exceptional layout make my book beautiful. I truly appreciate all your hard work! Thanks again Blueberry Illustrations! Lisette Varela  Service purchased- 14 illustrations & Bronze+ package (cover design, book design, paperback publishing & ebook publishing) 

Lisette  Varela

Author review- Services from Blueberry Illustrations was great! Easy group to work with. They saw my vision. The illustration in my book was beautiful. I have so many wonderful comments about my  book. Hope to use their services again real soon. Thanks Blueberry Illustrations  Service purchased-26 illustrations, Copper package (cover design, book design and paperback publishing) 

Mary Smith Mitchell

Author review-Hello I have to say the overall experience with Blueberry Illustrations has been great!  Sean is wonderful and always quick with his email responses and explanations. Thank you all for doing such a wonderful job with my 3 books! Julie Anastas  Service purchased-20 Illustrations, cover design, book design & paperback publishing 

Julie Nichole

Author review- The services by Blueberry illustrations has been impeccable. I don\'t use that word lightly.  Your efficiency and communication is second to none.   Sean did an awesome job making the manuscript and illustrations come together as one entity.  You are truly a blessing. I will refer you to everyone, once I start my book signing.    Service purchased-10 illustrations ,Copper Package ( cover design, book design and paperback publishing) 

Tonja M McKelvey

Author review- Honestly I am beyond thrilled with you and Blueberry!  Thank you for making this process easy for me. Very much appreciated!    Looking forward to a long future working with you. I hope you can handle putting up with me.   Best~  Julie   Service purchased-10 illustrations+ 05 Additional illustrations & Silver + Package (Removed Website), (Editing, cover design, book design, Self -publishing ( hrdcvr/paprbk), e book publishing,  and 03 months book promotion)   

Julie Nichole

I just received a copy of the hardback book in the mail last night.  I love it!  Thank you so much!   I really like the illustrations. Overall, I\'m glad I chose Blueberry and will probably reach out again for services with my next children\'s book. Thank you. Terri Greer-Bach  Service purchased- 16 illustrations & Silver+ Package (Without Author\'s Website.) ( editing, cover design, book design, hardcover publishing, e-book publishing, 03 months book promotion ) 

Terri Greer-Bach

I cannot Thank Sean and his team at Blueberry Illustrations for assisting me in the process of illustrating and publishing my first book which has been awarded a Gold Mom’s Choice Award. The entire team was very patient and informative throughout the entire process from beginning to end.  I was so thrilled to see my characters come to life from the early sketches to the finished product. We are currently working on my second book as well as a coloring book and I am once again so pleased with the illustrations and colors. I will definitely be using Blueberry Illustrations for all my future books! Julie Nichole Books Service purchased-10 Illustrations +05 Additional illustrations, Iron + Package (cover design, book design) & Silver + Package (Editing, hardcover publishing, e book publishing, website and 03 months book promotion)

Julie Nichole

My experience working with Blueberry was excellent. Great communication, help and always on point with changes. All illustration modifications were done professionally and creatively. As mentioned earlier, have received glowing compliments about both illustrations and book design. Service purchased- 12 illustrations, Cover illustration & Bronze + package (editing, cover design, book design, hardcover publishing, e book publishing)

M C Eccles

Thank you so much for all the hard work you and your team did to bring my project to life! Service purchased- Illustrations, Cover Design & Book Design

Justin Golding

My experience was wonderful. The illustrator took the time to understand my vision for the books. He made the necessary revisions in a timely manner and was very nice. I really like the final product. He knew exactly what I wanted and accomplished it. I am sure I will use Blueberry again for future illustrations. Thank you for a wonderful experience! Teresa Douthit Service purchased-Illustrations

Teresa Douthit

I am very pleased with the service that I received from Blueberry Illustrations. I would recommend Blueberry Illustrations services to others and I would use the services you provide again for myself. What I was pleased with was the patience that I received from the illustrators when working with me to incorporate the ideas I had into an illustration. The illustrations are beautiful; there is nothing I would change. Thank You Marie Daday. Service purchased- medium illustrations 10+02 additional and copper package ( cover design, book design & paperback )

Marie Kristine Daday

Blueberry illustrations offered exceptional service from day one. They made the process of writing a book, easy and user-friendly, and most of all were genuine and caring to ensure my book was carried out and completed just the way I wanted. My book was written from the heart, and very personal, and one that truly meant so much, Blueberry Illustrations was very sensitive of that, and took the time for me. They made certain everything went smoothly. I highly recommend this service, and I will be keeping them in mind for any future books I hope to publish.  A truly wonderful service and a pleasure to work with! Service purchased- Medium ill Package (10 ill +02 Additional illustrations & Copper Package (Cover design, book design and paperback publishing)

Courtney McCarthy

I really thought the services were great. You all did everything you said you would and on time or early. I will definitely be getting back with you when I finish book 2. Thank you all again for everything. The illustrations were especially awesome!! Thank you again, John Wayne Service purchased- Small illustrations Package ( 05 illustrations) + 03 Additional illustrations & Copper Package ( cover design, book design and paperback publishing)

John Wayne

Blueberry Illustrations, A big thank you is in order! The illustrations turned out fantastic and the price point was great. The illustrator did a phenomenal job with corrections and we truly appreciate them so much. Hope all is well with you and your team. Angi and Cali B. Service purchased-Illustrations

Angi and Cali B.

My overall experience with Blueberry was professional and accommodating with reasonable pricing. Very happy with the final product. I would give a 5 star rating. Service purchased- Spread illustrations & Bronze Package (Cover, Book Des & hardcover publishing)

Mary Vassallo

My experience with your company was wonderful this second time around just like the first. I have zero complaints; everything was created to my expectations and specifications that were given. You have allowed my book to be. Brought to life and I really enjoy working with you for your illustration services you provide. Thank you. Service purchased- illustrations and Cover Design

Nicole Veloso

Hello! I\'ve been delighted to work with blueberry illustrations. The artist allowed me to express my creative thoughts and then took it and ran with it producing illustrations that were far beyond what I could have imagined for my children\'s book, Levi Hears for Sue. The process was streamlined and I liked using the app where communication was consolidated in one place. Thank you so much and I expect that I will be working with you again soon! Service purchased-Illustrations, cover design and book design

Sue Thomas

I enjoy working with Blueberry. The only thing I would say is make sure the comments on changes to Artwork is read carefully. I have another book coming in the next couple of months. I also recommended some people to you and they published with you. Thank you Yvette Service purchased- illustrations & Copper Package (Cover Design, Book Design & Paperback Publishing).

Yvette Daniels bk4

Dear Blueberry Illustrations, We are incredibly pleased with our book – and we owe you MUCH thanks for your artistry!! My daughter, Holly, sold the book at several Christmas fairs (at one – she completely sold out of hard-cover copies) and she was able to get around 10-12 stores to sell the book in Florida. Multiple stores made several orders, after selling out. Also, most important – she was able to raise money for the Key Deer Refuge! Holly is already starting on the second book and we truly hope that we can work with the same amazing illustrator. P.S. Here is a news story about Holly and the book – I hope you enjoy! We will be in touch in a few months when the second book is finished. For now – Happy New Year! I hope you have a year full of blessings, health, and happiness! Thank you!!!! Kim (and Holly) Kimberly A. Eddleston, PhD Schulze Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship Service purchased- Medium ill Package (10 ill +03 Additional illustration) & Bronze Package (Cover Design, Book Design and paperback publishing) & redo illustration, additional hardcover publishing

Holly Joy Eddleston

The illustrations for my book “Wilbur and the Watering Can” are beautifully Illustrated and depict exactly what I wanted to convey in the characters and outdoor environment around them. Carefully drawn and precisely colored. This is the second book which I have used the illustration services of Blueberry and I will do it again. Cynthia L. Clark Service purchased-Illustrations

Cynthia Clark

I did like the way things were handled and  I was more than happy with the art and the process of making changes and suggestions. The publishing process was certainly detailed and I was involved in the process. Overall, it was an experience which was worth it and full of new learnings. Service purchased- Illustrations and & Silver Publishing Package (Editing, cover design, book design, paperback, ebook publishing & website.

Shannon Michele Cazier

I did refer my relative because I felt your team did an excellent job with the illustrations and tried to stay within the time frame promised. I also decided to stay with Blueberry Illustrations for my second book because of the illustrations were good. Sincerely, Brenda Averett Service purchased- illustrations & Copper Package. (Cover Des, Book Des & Paperback Publishing), 03 Additional illustrations and Cover Design and Book Layout - Spanish language, Author Website

Brenda COLE Averett

The book turned out very nice. Thank you, Blueberry illustrations. Service purchased- illustrations & Bronze Package (Cover Design, Book Design, & Hardcover publishing), Author\'s Website &3- months book promotion

Dan & Tammi Ketterman

My feedback is all positive. I have loved every step of this mission. I have enjoyed the whole process and I am far from finished, I still have lots of books to publish and I will be publishing more each month Thank you for everything that you’ve done. Everyone that has read the books loves them, everyone truly loves the product that we are putting out. I am very excited for what is to come. — Jon E. Adams Service purchased-  Illustrations & Bronze++ Package ( cover design, book design, paperback publishing( Removed Editing ,& E-Book) & Website & Book Promotion.

Jon E. Adams

I really appreciated your services and I think that I will definitely be coming back When all things considered, the project was handled beautifully by your staff. The art, in particular, I was very impressed by and perfectly fit the vision of what we were looking for in our project. I really hope to be publishing another book within a year, your organization will be my first choice. Service purchased- illustrations, Add. Ill (11 & 12) Cover Design, Book Design & hardcover publishing

Hugh Burke & Kylie Donohue

I just want to thank you Blueberry Illustrations for helping to bring my vision forth! I recently had my book launch party and I am still in awe. Blueberry Illustrations did a thorough and professional job with the illustrations! I will be reaching out to you in the future! Service purchased- ILLUSTRATIONS & BRONZE PACKAGE (COVER Design, BOOK Design HARDCOVER publishing) and 03 months book promotion, book trailer

Airreia Faith Pierce

Thank you for all the help you gave me throughout the process. I am very pleased with Blueberry Illustrations! They did a great job! Their Illustrations are more than I expected, I am very proud of each page! Also the services that I purchased were done in a timely manner, and I also was impressed with their editing skills! I will definitely choose Blueberry Illustrations again for my book publishing! Thank you again! Susan Rochester Zucconi Service purchased- Medium ill Pack (10 ill) & Bronze++ Package ( editing, cover design, book design, hardcover publishing and e book publishing )

Susan Rochester Zucconi

Dear Blueberry Illustrations, This is my sixth book with you and I want you to know I will always come to you for my illustrations. The colors are vibrant which brings the story to life. My last book was a graphic novel and one book cover and the rest were children\'s books. I have felt like I can request any changes / revisions without too much difficulty. Thank you for being there Service purchased- Illustrations and Cover design, Book design

Diana Jeanne

Blueberry illustration was quick with responses. I love that they have a work schedule provided and actually follow through with meeting deadlines. The illustration work is great!  Everything was great! They are also very affordable! I am definitely going to work with them again! Service purchased-Illustrations, cover design and book design

Chassity Walker

Blueberry Illustrations did a great job for my services. I will be using them again with my next story. I went in not having a clue how the process of having a story illustrated or published is done. I learned a lot from Blueberry Illustrations! Cathy Varnell Service purchased- illustrations & Bronze++ Package (Editing ,Cover des, Book Des ,paperback ,E-Book Pub ) and 11 additional illustrations

Cathy Varnell

My experience with Blueberry Ilustrations has been positive. I appreciate the amount of patience and advice your staff (Sean and others) have provided in guiding my books to completion. Service purchased- illustrations & Bronze++ Package ( cover design, book design,(Editing removed) Hardcover ,paperback ,E-book publishing,  ,Author Website & 3- Month Book Promotion

Paul A. Mitchell

I also want to share a bit of good news about the previous book you all illustrated for me. Otter\'s Coat: The Real Reason Turtle Raced Rabbit was given a 4.3 when reviewed by Indie Reader and awarded the IndieReader star. It is also now being considered for the 2022 IndieReader Discovery Awards (winners will be announced in June 2022). A list of all books in consideration for the award can be found here: Their full review can be found at this link: Their review specifically mentions Blueberry Illustrations in the beginning of the third paragraph. Thanks again for the excellent work you all did on Otter\'s Coat. Every good review I get on my story is partially because of the beautiful illustrations you all created. Service purchased-  illustrations and bronze+package ( Cover Design, Book Design, paperback & E-BOOK Publishing) and additional hardcover publishing

cordellya smith

Thank you for all the sketches you sent today. I am delighted with them all. The expressions on all the creatures are absolutely marvelous, and I have looked at all of them often, often, often! I am amazed at how you can envision these creatures and the setting and then just draw them. I am so glad we got YOU to be our artist. Many thanks for all these sketches, 1-12. This has been great fun for me, and I do hope it is for you too. I applaud you! Warmest wishes, Carla Service purchased-Sample illustrations, Large illustration package (20 ill) & 06 additional and Bronze+ Package ( cover design, book design, self pub ( paperbk/hrdcvr), ebook publishing)

Carla Stoneberg

The experience with Blueberry Illustrations was fantastic. I learned a lot about the process of publishing a book. They were able to see some of my rough draft illustrations, and along with my vision, they illustrated it beautifully! Very pleased with the final product. I will definitely be using them for my next book. Thank You! Audry Albrecht Service purchased- Illustrations &Copper Package (Cover design, book design and paperback publishing)

Audry Albrecht

The written verses are excellent--everyone who has read or heard it LOVES it. And the Blueberry Illustrators did such an exceptional job! They brought my words to life, and made them look as beautiful as they read. I was so thrilled and grateful for your team\'s  fantastic work. Service purchased-Illustrations, cover illustration, Editing, cover design, book design, hardcover, e book publishing, website, 03 months book promotion, and audio book

Peter Veglia

I am very happy with Blueberry illustrations. I received a lot of help and guidance from your professional team. Your feedback was quick and dependable. I was pleased with the overall look of the book and web site. You were very helpful when I made mistakes to guide me through corrections and you were patient with a first-time writer. Thank you for everything. Service purchased-Cover Design,Book layout, hardcover, E book Publishing, & Author Website

Wanda Rosania

Blueberry Illustrations delivered a professional product with delightful illustrations. The personnel were responsive and the project completed in a timely manner. I would use BBI again, should I write another picture book. JK Service purchased- illustrations, Cover Design, Book Layout, paperback publishing, Extra Book layout request and 01 Additional illustrations

Jc Konitz

The illustrations have been phenomenal, great job on those. I love the way they have turned out and will use you for my next book. The cover design and self-publishing portions have been great too. Your team has produced in a timely manner and provided updates on a regular basis. Overall my experience has been excellent and I look forward to the next project. Thanks, Ron Service purchased- illustrations & Cover design


Working with the Blueberry illustrator I chose for my book was an amazing experience! From my first instructions on how to portray my characters and set up the scenes to the many subsequent tweaks I made to each picture, the artist showed dedication to bringing my ideas to the page. Looking forward to my next project with Blueberry! Service purchased-Illustrations, silver package (removed editing) cover design, book design, paperback, eBook publishing, website.

Joan Lorraine Zygmunt

Extremely happy with all services provided. Prompt communication and the journey seamless. I would love to use this service again in the future. Service purchased-illustrations & Bronze+ Package (Cover Des,Book Des ,Paperback) & E-Book Pub & 02 Author Copies

Lana Byrns

I\'m glad I found you! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Blueberry Illustrations. The illustrator picks up on my vision very quickly. I hope to publish more books in this series and will want to keep the same illustrator. Keep up the good work! Gramma D AKA Vivian Dennis Service purchased- Large illustrations Package (20 ill) & Silver+ Package (Editing,Cover Des, Book Des, paperback ,E-Book Pub ,Website & 03 Month Book Promotion)

Gramma D

This has been a wonderful experience with Blueberry Illustrations. I found them to be very professional throughout the whole process from designing illustrations to publishing the book. I am very happy with the final product. A special thanks to the illustrator who did a superb job in capturing how I envisioned the illustrations to be and offered a great alternative illustration for the book cover. I would definitely recommend Blueberry Illustrations and thank them for a job well done. I look forward to publishing my next book with them. Deanna Bussadori Service purchased- illustrations, cover illustrations & gold package ( Editing, Cover Design, Book design ,paperback, ebook, website, 03 months book promotion and book trailer).      

Deanna Bussadori

I appreciate how easy it is to work with you all and that you make superior books. (My last book was nominated for a Charlotte Zolotow Award and won an Indie Approved seal from Indie Reader.) Service purchased- Full Page illustrations and Iron package (Cover Design, Book Design,)

Cordellya Smith

My experience with Blueberry Illustrations went along almost seamlessly as they guided me through every step of the way of publishing my very first book. I am extremely pleased with the final product. I will definitely consider utilizing their services in the near future. The feedback from friends and family has been positive, they were all impressed with the layout and the illustrations. Thank you Blueberry Illustrations for your thoughtfulness, patience and persistence as you guided me through this process of publishing my very first book. Gratefully yours Kathleen Anderson Service purchased- Medium illustration package (10 illustrations) & Bronze+ Package (cover design, book design, paperback, ebook publishing )

Kathleen Nemetz Anderson

Blueberry illustrations was super-efficient right from the beginning. The guidance provided was invaluable. I felt they completely followed the suggestions I made, and made my vision a reality. I’m very pleased with the final product. Service purchased- illustrations ,06 Additional illustrations & Copper Package (cover design, book design and paperback publishing)

Danielle Gilbride

I am very happy with the services provided by Blueberry illustrations. I received a very professional and Top quality work. Sherry Service purchased- illustrations, Editing, Cover Des, Book Des, Hardcover Pub, E-Book Pub, Author Website & 3-Month Book Promotion.


Once again, I am happy with the work done. The illustrations are great and really bring my story to life. The illustrator also was happy to change the colour in one of the illustrations which was great. I was so happy with the results last time that I even recommended these services to a friend of mine (who is currently having a good experience!) All in all I am happy with the end product and will look to illustrate future works with Blueberry Illustrations. Thanks, Antigoni. Service purchased- Spread illustrations & cover design

Antigoni Alevras

My experience during the process of creating my first book was very pleasant. Sean, you were very understanding and patient during the entire process. The illustrations came out beautifully and the turnaround time was very quick. For the illustrations, we were able to adjust the characters to capture the look we were aiming for, which made us feel satisfied. I am looking forward to creating my second book with your company and I will recommend your services to others in the future. Great job and thank you! Service purchased- illustrations, & Bronze++ Package ( Editing ,cover design, book design, ,hardcover ,E-book publishing )

LaToya Moise

I can\'t thank you enough for creating my beautiful website! I was so upset after I pretty much destroyed my last one, but you not only gave me a good deal but created a website that I\'ll be proud to share. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for designing such a beautiful website! I have appreciated your patience and skills more than you know as I\'m the least techie person you\'ll ever encounter! Service purchased-Website

Diane Tomczak

Where do I begin? Working with Blueberry Illustrations and publishing my first book of a series has been one of the most fun, interesting and challenging experiences of my life, and I had a very fulfilling insurance career prior to retiring and working on my books. I enjoy writing the stories, which are all in rhyme, but I enjoy even more describing how I see each scene and watching Blueberry’s illustrators bring my ideas to life in such vibrant ways. It is so exciting to wake up in the morning and have an email with another sketch or color illustration. And it’s even more exciting when the cover and inside book design processes begin. I love the fact that I am integrally involved in every step of the process - writing, describing the scenes, proofing sketches and illustrations, conceiving the cover designs, creating a dedication and author’s page for each book, selecting the author’s photo, etc. I have learned a lot through this process, and hope that I’m improving in my communication with the illustrators. My material is usually very specific as I’m writing about travel to different places in the world where local architecture, art, animals, costumes, etc. must be depicted. This type of illustration must be challenging for the illustrators, but they do a fantastic job! And they are infinitely patient with me, always nice, always accommodating. I have also used Blueberry Illustrations to set up my website, which I like very much, and will most likely have them market some or all of my books. My first book was only just published, so now I’m taking the next step with marketing. Given how well everything else has gone, I’m sure that I will be pleased. In summary, I cannot say enough about my positive experiences with Blueberry Illustrations. I can come up with book concepts and text, but they truly bring my books to life, and in the best ways! Theresa Fadul Service purchased-02 sample illustrations, Spread illustrations & Bronze+ Package ( cover design, book design, paperback & e book publishing)

Theresa Fadul

Your services are the best of the best! You walked me through every stage of my children\'s book until completion! Your very talented Illustrators listened to every description I provided and brought them all to life! Book Cover, Book Layout, Editing, Basecamp Postings (of all our communications throughout the process brought great focus) you walked me through publishing, book printing, and arranged for the web posting of my book.  All and All A Wonderful Experience! Thank you, Blueberry Illustrations, for making The Tails of Roaring Brook possible! Service purchased- illustrations, Cover design, Book design , Editing, 02 additional illustrations, Hardcover & E-Book Publishing

June L Bender

Thank you for the great work done on my book. I appreciate all your hard work and I am very pleased that I was able to finally see the amazing result. Thank you again for your professionalism, patience and dedication in helping authors create long-lasting books for children.  Service purchased-Illustrations, Bronze++package  ( editing, Cover Design, Book Design, hardcover  & E-BOOK Publishing.), website, 03 months book promotions.

Ferdie Cadet

I\'m thrilled that my book is complete and already being sold on Amazon.  I am absolutely pleased and satisfied with the quality of the book.  The professionalism and service that Blueberry Illustrations provided were outstanding.  I have at least two more books in mind, and I will be using your services again. Thank you so very, very much for all you did for me, to help me realize my dream! Kristine Monet Service purchased-Illustrations, Editing , cover design, book design, hardcover ,Author Website.

Kristine Monet

Author review- I would like to thank Blueberry illustrations for doing an outstanding job. They illustrated and published my book \"Rick\'s Good Deed\". The professionalism of Blueberry illustrations was exceptional, I would recommend this company to everyone who is looking for a company who you can trust to help you accomplish your book publishing goals. A special thanks to Blueberry illustrations. Service purchased- illustrations & Book Cover Design, Bronze+ Package (cover design removed), Book Des, paperback & E-Book Publishing)

Willie J Youmas

I just received my published book and I am so happy with the results. From the cover design to the printed text to the illustrations-all exceptionaland very professional. The overall experience was great.I am currently working on my second children\'s book. I will definitely use Blueberry Illustrations again to take care of everything. I know that Iwill have the same exceptional results.The package purchased was Bronze++ and Illustrations Med-style 10The title of my children\'s book is The Dragon With An Amazing TailService purchased- Illustrations and bronze++package ( Editing, cover design, book design, hardcover  e book publishing)

Benedetta Isabaella Lino

\"Over the past three years, I have worked with Blueberry Illustrations on over two dozen children\'s book illustrations and they have far exceeded my expectations. They were always willing to go above and beyond to fulfill all that I requested and I have been very pleased with the quality of their work.\"I have been very satisfied with the company and I appreciate all the hard work and dedication to make my project a success. Thank you! Services purchased- Illustrations

Denika Alston

I thoroughly enjoyed working with your team. The quality of work was very satisfactory. Services purchased- Illustrations

Rido Nemutandani

Blueberry Illustrations was a pleasure to work with. The quality of the illustrations exceeded my expectations. I would definitely use them again in the future.-Gigi Carter, author of The Spinach in My Teeth Services purchased- Illustrations

Gigi Carter & Michael Grady

I am very pleased with the services provided. I plan on staying with Blueberry Illustrations for future projects. I felt like the team really cared about the project and the authors. I couldn’t ask for better illustrators. Services purchased- Illustrations, bronze++ package (cover design, book design, editing, hardcover & e-book publishing), paperback publishing.

Kristalin Davis, Kate Davis

I am very happy to be working with you guys and will use you again on any future books.Many thanksRay Services Purchased- Illustrations, bronze+ package (cover design, book design, hardcover publishing and e-book publishing.


Words cannot describe how pleased I am with your illustrations! Everyone loves the book. I will definitely come to you with all of my remaining books.  Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design and book design

Robin Watkins

Blueberry Illustration has been amazing. Being the first book we have done, Sean guided us through the steps with the illustration, layout, cover design, e-book publishing, and hardcover publishing. We found you on the internet when searching for illustrators. Although a little apprehensive not having any personal experience with this, you quickly put those fears to rest. Your professionalism and willingness to help a novice has gone beyond expectation. I can attest without a doubt, Blueberry Illustration does everything in their power to make the author happy.We have gotten some feedback from people who have purchased our book and the overriding response is the illustrations are amazing.Thanks your for all you have done. We will be sure to use Blueberry Illustration for our next project. Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book deisgn, editing, logo design, hardcover & e-book publishing

Regina J. Shickel

Hi Sean, I just received my first order of the Hank book from Amazon.  It made me cry!  I am so happy with the product, the quality of the book and having done this as a tribute to  my dog. My husband and I are mounting a publicity blitz to promote the book and I already have an engagement with the local Chamber of Commerce to talk about it. Many thanks to you and all at Blueberry Illustrations! Mika Services purchased- Illustrations & silver+ package

Mika Ryan

I would highly recommend Blueberry Illustrations for new, and experienced picture book authors. I have worked with their team on 8 books over the past 7 years. They have always gone out of their way to give me exactly the look I am aiming for, and constantly aim to please. My books are known for their unique look and quality artwork thanks to the incredible team at Blueberry Illustrations. I will continue to work with them in the future, and highly recommend you consider them for all your self-publishing and illustration needs!M. R. ( Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design & book design

M. R. Hooley

I purchased illustration services and front and back cover designs though Blueberry Illustrations. As a new author I wasn\'t too sure what to expect. Blueberry made the process very easy. They took all of the descriptions I had written out and brought them to life in a very reasonable time frame. They were clear and concise throughout the process, letting me know where we were in the process the entire time.Very seldom did I have to ever ask for any corrections in sketches, and when I did they were very minor changes. They made and gave me timelines for corrections, and for all work for that matter, and they always met their deadline.The quality of work was phenomenal! I absolutely love every illustration that I was provided, and they truly helped bring life to my book! I hope to do work with them in the future. Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design

Matthew Munguia

I love working with Sean at Blueberry Illustrations. This company is reasonable with cost and does amazing work. I have collaborated with Blueberry Illustrations for two children’s books as well as another cover design for a non fiction book. I am highly satisfied with the quality of the illustrations and they always have been able to fulfil my vision. I love that the author has the ability to create the vision for the illustrations so it feels more personal to the author. Self publishing is also made easy and painless with the guidance of this company. I will definitely be choosing them in the future for other written works. They are trustworthy, professional and produce quality products I can be proud of.  Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design & paperback publishing

Shelly Papinaw

Blueberry is a wonderful service for anyone looking to self publish their dreams.  Their honest, upfront pricing bought constant support and quality results making Blueberry a stand alone service in an era where unscrupulous behaviour has become the norm.  I highly recommend them. Your final result surely will look professional and that alone can make all the difference in this highly competitive world.  Thank you team Blueberry for your patience and a very satisfying experience. Cheers! Services purchased- Illustrations, cover deisgn, book design, editing, hardcover & e-book publishing, authors website and 3 months book promotion

Johnny Williams

Dear Sean and Team Blueberry,It is hard to describe how happy and grateful I am with your services.  I have submitted the third book now, to your team, with two more to follow before June 2020. This should give you an idea of the great job your team continuously performs.  I am submitting all my books, and these beautiful illustrations, to as many children\'s book awards as possible.  We will meet someday and I will thank you and your team in person.I would say that overall, I was mostly surprised and impressed, by the \'never failing to respond\' to an email within 24 hours.  We have had more that 100 emails between us for the first two books.  I have worked for 13 major companies during my lifetime and have never seen this type of service  before.  Someone from your team always responded with a friendly \'Thank-you\' or \'Noted\' just to let me know that someone was on it.Now the most stunning part.  I created these animals and stories in my mind.  They talk to me and want to live.  The first book only had 11 illustrations.  But, even before the coloring, I had no more words left to describe the capture of my mind, and beauty of the sketches.  And that was only after 6 sketches were completed.  The illustrators you have on staff are amazing.  They captured the exact, and most of the time, better representation than I had imagined.  With your help, they are now  living!Thank you and your team,Bob Beals - \'GrampaBuddy\'60 more books to purchasedBronze++ packageCover design, book design, editing,e-book publishing self publishing (hardcover/paperback). Services purchased- Illustrations and bronze+ package (cover design, book design, hardcover & e-book publishing)

Robert Beals III

Awesome experience. Blueberry illustration perfectly understands how to illustrate and draw our wishes into reality. Prompt reply with easy to work with. This was my first order, and I will be back for sure. Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design & book design

Aadi Pandya

I highly recommend Blueberry Illustrations. I self-published a children\'s book that I wrote 50 years ago based on an experience I had with my son when he was a little boy. I wanted the illustrations to have a certain look to them and the artist did a wonderful job! They were very patient and prompt with any changes I made. This was my first time publishing a book and I must say . . . Blueberry made the process very smooth and enjoyable. They will always be my \"goto\" for any future children\'s books I write. Thank you Blueberry for a wonderful experience and for helping me create a beautiful keepsake for my family! Carlyne L. - Connecticut Services purchased- Illustrations


It has been a total delight to work with Blueberry! They are very patient with first-time authors, and have simplified the process so that you can go from manuscript to a book-for-sale with minimum pain. I have been very pleased with the illustrations, and I found that any time I wanted a change or revision, Blueberry was totally happy to comply. They are pleasant, efficient, and very reasonably priced for a total package or separate services. I intend to work with Blueberry for the next book in my children\'s picture book series. Thank you, Blueberry team!Marcia Kean Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design, hardcover, e-book publishing & authors website

Marcia Amsterdam Kean

My experience with Blueberry Illustrations was very good. They guided me through the process. The illustrator was patient and responsive to changes and requests. The couple times I wanted to talk to them, they scheduled a call and answered all my questions. I would work with them again. Services purchased- Illustrations, bronze package (cover design, book design, hardcover publishing)

Sandra Stout

I received the hardcopy of my book today and was thrilled ?. The illustrations are beautiful and so eye-catching for any child. I appreciated the patience Blueberry had with me as I went through this process. The Artist was extremely patient and tolerant with me. I was amazed at how he/she (I do not know) captured what I had envisioned! I would highly recommend Blueberry Illustrators to anyone for their talents. I purchased the Bronze++ package which met my needs in each service. The quality in this finished product is all I could have hoped for. The completion is a dream come true.Thank you, Sean and BBI. Services purchased- Illustrations, bronze++ package (cover design, book design, editing, hardcover & e-book publishing)

Susanna Dobson

I found Blueberry Illustrations by searching online. I must admit I was first skeptical about the services with everything being offered online. However, I absolutely enjoyed working with this company. I purchased the bronze package (cover design, book layout, hardcover and paperback publishing) plus editing. This was my first book and will definitely not be my last as this company made the process seamless! Services purchased- illustrations, bronze package (cover design, book design, hardcover publishing, and editing) and paperback publishing.

Dr. Adrienne A. Williams

I found Blueberry Illustrations while searching online about five years ago for an illustrator. I have been working with them since then. I have had a very positive experience with Blueberry Illustrations. Their work is of very high quality. The beautiful bold colors of the illustrations are awesome. The services I have received from Blueberry Illustrations are for Illustrations, book cover design, book formatting, and e-book publishing. Everything has turned out wonderfully. I really enjoy working with them. They are very professional and does an outstanding job. Thank you Blueberry Illustrations!Miranda Burnette Services Purchased- Illustrations, cover design, bk des & e-book publishing

Miranda Burnette

I am very pleased with the customer service and final product that I received from Blueberry Illustrations.  I found this company via a Google search and am very happy with the results.  Service was provided in a timely manner and my requests were always acknowledged and easily done.  I would highly recommend Blueberry Illustrations to anyone needing these types of services. Thank you! Sally McIlwain Services purchased- Illustrations

Sally McIlwain

Working with Blueberry Illustrations has been a wonderful experience. Staff were prompt and professional with correspondence. Every detail I mentioned was taken in to consideration and if a change was needed it was done expeditiously. I initially was just going to use them for the cover of my book, however, I\'ve decided to use them to take my book to full production. I am a first time author. The process has been seamless and I am thrilled with the illustrations provided and how they are working to bring my story to the shelves!-Shanda Brown Services purchased- Cover illustration and cover design

Shanda Brown

For any writer in search of a top notch illustrator, I would highly recommend Blueberry Illustrations. I have done 6 titles with Blueberry Illustrations, and am consistently receiving reviews praising the artwork in the books. Their work greatly enhances the storytelling, and their covers, in particular, are crafted to catch the eye of every passer by. Blueberry Illustrations are competitively priced and easy to work with. They are professional throughout the process and always go the extra mile to ensure their customers are satisfied. Give them a try - you will not be disappointed! Services Purchased- Illustrations, cover deisgn & book design

M. R. Hooley

Hello,I have enjoyed working with the Blueberry staff over these past few years. They are skilled and eager to give you the illustrations you envision to help tell your story. The finished product is always colorful, professional and of good quality. I have just completed book # 6 and I will continue to work with them in the future. Brenda Swain Services Purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design and paperback publishing

Brenda Swain

Hello -I was very interested in publishing a children\'s book, so I researched many different illustrators.  I \"interviewed\" a few, but once I spoke with Sean and after seeing examples, I really felt that it was a great fit!  They were very eager to make me happy and it was wonderful to see what was in my mind come alive on paper.  My book is a guide book, so the illustrations had to reflect the learning concepts that I wanted the children to apply.  Once I was able to truly describe the story of each page, they were able to create an illustration that reflected my vision.  Once it came to publishing and because I was familiar with their process, they made it very easy for me to decide to self publish with Blueberry Illustrations.   There were no hidden costs.  The process was very straight forward, quick and they made it very simple and easy!  I couldn\'t be happier with the outcome!  Thank you Blueberry Illustrations!  Services Purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design, paperback, e-book publishing, website & 3 months book promotion

Karen Casella

Blueberry Illustrations have help make a dream a reality. Working with the team who were very professional and timely in their responses, has help make the experience of seeing the words on piece of paper come alive with pictures, that bring the story to life for the reader.It was a pleasure to with the team of illustrators who work tirelessly to be able to communicate my vision. I am grateful to Sean and the team for helping me to realize this dream of publishing my first book.Andrea Griffith Services purchased- Illustrations & bronze+ package (cover design, book design, hardcover & e-book publishing)


Your services have been amazing and you have done a wonderful job! My book has been on Amazon for less than a month and we have sold over 350 books. Not only that, but on March 2 we hit #1 best seller in our category on Amazon. I know that the combination of a great story with your adorable illustrations has helped that to happen. As I am reflecting on all of my pictures I realize how talented you are. I am so grateful that you have been able to capture my vision and do amazing work. I can tell you have been working really hard and for that I am thankful I am so excited about this book and the characters you have illustrated for me that I am having thoughts of turning it into a series of books. You are so talented and I\'m grateful I was paired with you for this project! You have been so amazing for me I Thank you so much! It is a dream come true! Smiles and Thanks,Megan Services Purchased- Illustrations & iron package (cover & book design)

Megan Bailey

After much research, I decided to go with Blueberry Illustrations and I am very happy that I did. The illustrator was excellent and really took the time to understand my vision and captured it perfectly. I am also a stickler for detail and Blueberry and Sean addressed all of my concerns promptly and continued to make all the modifications and changes that I requested, until I was happy and had to perfect product. I will be using them again for my next book. I purchased their illustration, publishing, and promotional packages. Services Purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design, hardcover, paperback & e-book publishing, authors website & book promotion

Nancy Zarriello

“For a first time author, I could not have asked for a better experience than what I received working with Blueberry Illustrations. I purchased the Silver+ package in addition to illustrations. I am not disappointed with that decision. Sean and the team at Blueberry guided me and were patient with me as we put together my book. They were able to create images that I’ve had in my head for a while and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with each of the illustrations. I cannot express how thankful I am that Blueberry was able to help me make my dream a reality. “Again, Thank you for everything,Timothy Services purchased- Illustrations and silver+ package (cover design, book design, editing, hardcover and e-book publishing, authors website and book promotion)

Timothy Stewart

Blueberry Publishing has been an incredible resource for me to publish my first book! The Moon and Loons on the Bay. An Up North Children\'s book series about the beauty of creation, experiences and relationships up north. Their team is fantastic, patient and willing to work with me to my satisfaction on the perfection of my work. I have just finished my first book of a series of four and we are starting to work on our second project together today. I would highly recommend anyone to work with this Publishing company. Truly Grateful, Well Done! Jewels Julie Jo Niccum Services purchased- Illustrations, silver+ package and paperback publishing

Jewels Julie Jo Niccum

It has been such a pleasure working with you in the creation of my book and your giftedness as an artist is outstanding.  It is so hoped that you will be available for future book illustrations and, at a writer\'s conference which I recently attended, I did praise you and your company as a genuine recommendation for future clients.My book, NICKI NICE THE SUPER GIRL, is in the process of publication. The quality of illustrations were outstanding and the quality of administrative interaction was most satisfactory.Indeed, the company\'s identification has been printed on the front cover of the book. On an interior page, there is an acknowledgement of the company\'s quality of performance and the team responsible for all of the beautiful illustrations that are contained in half of the book. I have received numerous compliments in selecting your company due to the high quality of outstanding illustrations provided in the creation of my book as well as the reasonable cost of this service. Good luck with all of your future goals and aspirations and may God bless you!!Dr. Fran White Services purchased- Illustrations

Fran White

Yes. The book is published. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job with the illustrations. You have taken my imagination and brought my characters to life. Hopefully we can work together again on my next book. Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design and paperback publishing

Gena Vitale

I contracted Blueberry Illustrations for a book cover and 27 art illustrations for my children’s book. I discovered Blueberry from the internet and read their reviews. I was very happy with my book cover and illustrations after completion. The project took about five months. The illustrator met my expectations. The company management was very helpful with making sure I was happy with the final product and helped me with small revisions after the project was completed. I appreciate that they are quick to responding via email. It was a great service for a budget price.Regards,Eric Simmons Services purchased- Illustrations & cover design


Blueberry Illustrations continues to do an outstanding job of supporting my visions for stories. It is amazing to me how they can take one of my imagined ideas and bring it to life on the page via their illustrations. Additionally, they are able to help me navigate which publishing option will be the best for my project and align that with low cost options that fit my budget. I highly recommend them to anyone with a vision for a book whether you are a novice author or expert. You will be glad you did! Services purchased- Illustrations, bronze+ package- cover design, book design, paperback & e-book publishing

Chrissie Kahan

Blueberry illustrations and publishing services I would highly recommend. This was my second published book and first time using their services. I can say that the process was easy and they were very accommodating to every change or idea I requested. The illustrations are colorful and eye catching, just as I wanted them to be. The book layout is appealing to my genre and audience. I am also very happy with my website. It tells my story, includes my blog, allows the public to get an idea of what my book is about, and makes it easy to purchase. The Blueberry services I used were illustrations, layout/ design, author’s website, and paperback publishing. I would use them again in the future!Thank you,Whitney Services purchased- Illustrations, iron package (cover design and book deisgn), paperback publishing and website

Whitney Hormuth

Thank you for helping me to put together a terrific product. I think it is so marketable, but I have had to hold off with my plans because of the Corona Virus. The illustrator did a beautiful job and people are amazed at his colorful work. At times I was confused about the process, but you patiently answered my questions. So it did work out in the end, and that is what counts. Thank you again for your hard work. I shall come to you again when I begin my next book!Barbara Sirotkin Services purchased- Illustrations, silver+ package (cover design, book deisgn, editing, paperback & e-book publishing, website & book promotion)

Barbara Sirotkin

Once again, I had a very nice experience with Blueberry Illustrations. The illustrations turned out beautifully and the staff was very patient as I asked for revisions. Top notch work! Thank you. Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design & hardcover publishing

Peggy Goodman

Working with the blueberry illustrations team was a great experience for a first time author. I was very picky with how I wanted my book to look, as any author should be, and they took the time to go back and forth with me on every single page no matter how many things I felt needed to be changed, or how many times. Their professionalism and communication was great and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome of the work that went into the production of Mr. Popples’ Pennies. I will be excited to work with them on my next book! Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design & hardcover publishing

Michaela Angelique

My overall experience with your operation has been a very good one. I used all of your services, illustration, layout, editing and the online publishing with Amazon. I would gladly recommend Blueberry to anyone seeking any of those things. I appreciated your patience in working with me and my limited technical skills.Thank you again for a very positive experience and I also thought the pricing for your services was very reasonable.Bob Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design, editing & paperback publishing

Rowan’s grandfather R. T. Storey

My book, \"Look Mommy, There\'s My Moon\", was just published today on Amazon. I want to thank you both, and please pass on my gratitude to your entire working staff, for the great job you did illustrating, and laying out my book for publication.  I am very pleased by the way the illustrations came out, and the book layout is perfect and beautiful.  I did have to ask for corrections several times, but your staff always did the corrections quickly and efficiently.   I am so excited to see my book in print!   I am working on my next book and will submit it to you Sean, when it is ready. Now that I know the process, it should go smoothly! I will highly recommend your company to anyone who needs this service.  I commend you all for getting this done and done on schedule, in the middle of a global pandemic. I pray you are all healthy and safe. Sincerely, Ruth Pruitt Services purchased- Illustrations & bronze package (cover design, book design & hardcover publishing)

Ruth A. Pruitt

I have enjoyed the experience and my illustrator really made this project exciting for me. I would like to proceed forward with a series in my current project. I would like the same illustrator and design #15. Services purchased- Illustrations & cover design


Blueberry Illustrations is a team of very professional, extremely talented individuals, all who have been working with me with one constant goal in mind, and that is my success as an author. They have very patiently and expertly guided me through the various stages of publication. It has been an exciting adventure for me, and a wonderful learning experience as well. I would send a page of text along with my vision of how the illustration should look, and shortly thereafter the Art-Director would send me a sketch for my approval. When all the illustration were completed, and they are fantastic! This process was easier and went much faster. I have to say, now that it\'s complete, my  book is fabulous! Blueberry illustrators have made it look as good as I could have possibly hoped, as good as my writing. Not only did I receive expert support in cover design, interior layout, and editing, but also in setting up my own author\'s website. In addition, Blueberry has helped me set up author accounts on Face Book, Twitter, and Instagram, and has been promoting me on these and other social media sites. In a few short months I have over a thousand world-wide followers. I now also have accounts on Goodreads, Wordpress, LibraryThing, and Wattpad, thanks to the promotional efforts of the Blueberry team.     My book, \"The Girl on the Hill\", thanks to Blueberry, is now for sale on Amazon in Hardcover and Kindle, and will soon be on iTunes. I am totally happy that I chose Blueberry Illustrations to do the artwork for my children\'s book. I would highly recommend that any author looking to self-publish would make Blueberry Illustrations their first call. Services purchased- Illustrations, audio book & silver+ package (cover design, book design, editing, hardcover, e-book publishing, website & 3 months book promotion)

Peter Veglia

This looks great! So cute! Thank you so much for such wonderful illustrations Services purchased- Illustrations

Marjhan Vasseghi

Dear Team Blueberry,I am pleased beyond expectations with each book.  They just keep getting better and better.  As stated before, if the content comes as close as the illustrations, these will be award winning books. I continue to promote team Blueberry  on my social media to share your wonderful talent.  Here is just the latest link promoting the exceptional job you do.…“Another gorgeous job by Blueberrry Illustrations”All the team members are polite and extremely responsive.  Schedules are met as projected and emails are answered within 24 hours.  I have sent more than 400 emails this past year and you all haven\'t failed yet.  Book 1 - \"MiceQuest\" and Book 2 - Quest for Squint\"  each received five star reviews by Readers Favorite,  where the illustrations were pointed out as \"Bright and colorful yielding memorable characters that children will not soon forget\".  Book 3 - \"BatButts\"  just released and Book 5 - \"Pet Peeves\" coming in a few weeks.  you might ask where Book 4 is, but that is a surprise!.  I plan on 60 books total, so get ready.  I see no reason why anyone would not want to use all your services.  Best price and quality in the business.Thank-you Sean and Team-Blueberry!Regards Bob Beals Services Purchased- Illustrations, bronze++ package (cover design, book design, editing, paperback & e-book publishing) & hardcover publishing

Robert Beals III

Dear Blueberry Team,The latest book, Pet Peeves, is another beautiful creation by your team.  You have been very helpful and consistent with communication and output.  Everyone hit the schedule and provided an exceptional product.  as usual, it exceeds expectations.  I am very happy and will continue to do business with Blueberry Illustrations..  You are highly recommended and you will find my endorsement on many social media platforms.Thank you.Bob Beals Services Purchased- Illustrations, bronze++ package (cover design, book design, editing, paperback & e-book publishing) & hardcover publishing

Robert Beals III

Well, I would have to say that overall my experience with Blueberry Illustrations was superb. Once I picked out an illustration style for the pictures, Blueberry proceeded at a pace that exceeded my expectations. You were always very cordial when I would make a change, and then you provided the amended illustration expeditiously. Your quick response kept me on pace as well.Blueberry lived up to the favorable reviews that I found on the internet.Thanks,Van Services Purchased- Illustrations, bronze ++ package (cover design, book design, editing, hardcover & e-book publishing), authors website & 3 months book promotion

VJ Jones

On a cold Saturday morning in January, I sent an email to Blueberry Illustrations.  I had thrown together a children\'s book and my friend thought I should get it published.  She did a google search for illustrators and Voila!  Up popped Blueberry. I sent my email and, to my surprise, received a response right away!  I pitched my idea to Sean (the one who replied to my email) and he was encouraging.  Maybe this little book I wrote on a wimb might actually come to fruition!  Sean read my book and we discussed prices.  I wanted to move forward but I had to do my due diligence to check out the company.  My mother always warned me not to judge a book by it\'s cover (pun totally intended) and my husband always told me not to trust what you find on the internet. So I looked on Amazon and found other books illustrated by Blueberry and emailed the authors.  I heard back from one right away and she gave rave reviews about Sean and the entire company.  I asked her several questions then felt comfortable proceeding. I provided the details of how I wanted each picture to look and described my ideas for page layout.  The illustrator provided timely sketches for my approval.  If I made a suggestion, it was taken care of promptly.  I appreciated the diligence of the illustrator who brought my book to life! When it came to the layout and final steps, I was a real pain in the butt.  Every other day I wanted to change parts of the text.  I think my email subjects read \"Final Copy.\"  \"Final, FINAL copy\" and \"I swear this is really the FINAL copy and I won\'t make anymore changes after this I promise!\"  I think I still made some changes after this, but the staff was very patient with me and made all of the changes I wanted. All of my incompetence was met with patience and guidance.  For sure, I could not have figured out how to do it without them! You can take my word for it; Blueberry is a professional, competent (and very patient) illustration company.  They can assist you from your first rough draft to the point of publication and marketing and they know what they are doing! Good luck!  I am sure that your experience with Blueberry will have a happy ending. Amy Ledoux Author Services Purchased- Illustrations, silver+ package (cover design, book design, editing, hardcover & e-book publishing, website & 3 months book promotion), paperback publishing

Amy Ledoux

Hello Blueberry Team, I just completed book 7 with you and as usual I am very impressed by the quality of your work. You have high standards as I do and you go to great lengths to give me the product I envision. Your illustrators show great patience and talent. I thank them and look forward to hopefully working with them again for my next project. Thanks again Sean and Team,Brenda Swain Services Purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design and paperback publishing

Brenda E. Swain

Dear Team Blueberry Illustrations,Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on illustrating my poem … this was my first publication and I appreciate all of your expertise, ability to bring the poem to life through the illustrations AND your patience with me. I would highly recommend you to anyone who may want to illustrate a book.Thank you,Debbie Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book deisgn, editing & hardcover publishing

Debra Ann Griffin

I want to say thank you from my heart to all of the blueberry staff for the amazing support and their compassion in helping me create this beautiful book for Chris. When I was searching for an illustrator online I saw the name blueberry and it made me smile because Chris loved to eat fresh blueberries with whip cream on top. As I read the information on line and saw the beautiful illustrations I knew this was the right path. When I reached out to you Sean you were so patient, kind and supportive from the beginning and remained that way through the whole journey. I could not have done this without you and all of the blueberry staff. Each of you have touched my heart so deeply and helped me through the most painful and tragic time in my life. To all my friends at blueberry thank you ? Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design & paperback publishing

Sue Cossette

Thank you for asking. My overall experience was good. The process was not too complicated. 1. Illustrations- The illustrations are amazing. They are so beautiful. Better than I could have imagined. 2. Design- The design process was simple. I like the high quality of work. 3. The publishing- The publishing was good.  I had a good experience and I would definitely use your services again. Services purchased- Book design, hardcover & e-book publishing (English), Hardcover (Haitian Creole)

Mommy I need my wheels

Dear Blueberry Team, I am so blessed to have found your company. I am a first time author and had several questions and concerns. Once I spoke with your staff my mind and worries were put to rest. The main deciding factor for me was that you did not change my words. I write in rhymes and my grammar may not always come of as polished as I would like. However, you guys worked with me step by step and helped my dreams come true. This is just the beginning though. I am getting my next book Billy the Blobfish ready to send to you all as well. So, once I can get the money together, I will call on your services again. Thank you so much for being patient with me and making sure everything was perfect for me before we published. Sincerely, Steven Malichi Services purchased- Illustrations & bronze++ package (cover design, book design, editing, paperback & e-book publishing)

Steven Malichi Jr.

Hello Blueberry team, I have really enjoyed working with you. Your work exceeded my expectations. Your promptness  and attention to detail for my book was amazing. Communication is vital in any project and you guys were very informative through out my entire project. I would highly recommend your company and will be using your services again. Thank you so muchJudy Parker  Services purchased- Illustrations, website & bronze + package (cover design, book design, hardcover & e-book publishing)

Judy F. Parker

The Inhumane Society was the first book I ever wrote. I had an idea that I wanted to put into a book and I couldn\'t have done it without Blueberry Illustrations! They walked me through every step of the way and have always responded in a very timely manner to all my questions and to any changes I wanted to make. Their costs and timelines were always what they said they would be and there were no surprises. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to publish a book and have some incredible illustrations created to their imagination and liking to contact Blueberry Illustrations. Please visit their website, you will be pleasantly surprised and you can bring your imagination to a physical reality that you can share with your family, your friends, and the rest of the world! Services purchased- Illustrations, bronze++ package (cover design, book design, hard cover & e-book publishing), website & book promotion.

JJ Carello

I have been very impressed by Blueberry services as a whole. You have been on or ahead of schedule throughout the entire process. The illustrations for the book far exceeded my expectations and perfectly depict the feeling of the text and the book as a whole. Further, the editing, layout services, promotional services etc. have fully met or exceeded expectation. I will definitely recommend your services to others. Thank you for everything. I look forward to using your services for my next book. - Billy W Cross Services purchased- Illustrations and silver+ package (cover design, book design, editing, hardcover publishing, e-book publishing, website & 3 months book promotion)

Billy W Cross

My experience with Blueberry Illustration was good. They were very accommodating throughout the process. Blueberry Illustration exceeded my expectations in bringing my book to life. I am looking forward to them illustrating my second book. I will definitely recommend them to others. Services purchased- Illustrations, bronze++ package (cover design, book design, editing, paperback & e-book publishing), hardcover publishing.

Lavette Ervin

My experience working with Blueberry Illustrations was awesome. I researched various illustrators prior to finding Blueberry Illustrations, and I am pleased to say, I’m glad I chose this publishing company to navigate me through the process from start to finish on illustrating and publishing my first book. Each step, from the drafting of my illustrations, to the layout of my book, and finally to the publishing process was efficient and professional. They provide customers with a plethora of services such as creating a website, book promotion, editing, and so much more, and did I add, at an affordable rate! So, if you’re looking for a company to work with you on a book that needs to be brought into fruition, I highly recommend Blueberry Illustrations! Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design, paperback & e-book publishing

Dandrea L. Safford

Sean, I want to thank you so very much for everything you and your team did in making my book a reality. I love the illustrations and the color. I couldn\'t have asked any more of the final product. Thank you again. Services purchased- illustrations & silver+ package (cover design, book design, editing, hardcover & e-book publishing, website & 3 months book promotion)

Dennis L Carver

I have enjoyed the experience with Blueberry Illustrations. The work was detailed and professional. The artist made my project come alive with creativity. The illustrator was precise on the details that I wanted to see in the project. It was an overall great experience.Thanks,Kewana Davis Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design & hardcover publishing

Dr. Kewana M. Davis

Hello, I loved all the illustrations very much. All my queries were addressed with full patience. Thanks Services purchased- Illustrations & iron package (cover design & book design)

Tiffany K. Charvet

Great work by the illustrator, they gave life to my imagination. They made the illustrations exactly the way I wanted. Thanks Services purchased- Illustrations


Working with blueberry Illustrations has been a great experience. They are highly professional & each request is taken care of very nicely. Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design, publishing assistance & website

Mr. Optimistic

Wonderful work done, you guys are so amazing, timely delivery of all work and great art work. Thanks Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design, editing & hardcover publishing

Amy Keed

This came out BEAUTIFULLY!! This was my second book, I loved the work done by Blueberry Illustrations. Highly recommended. Services purchased- Illustrations


I wrote this whimsical rhyming story based on my life as a mother of triplets. I researched and found Blueberry Illustrations. They were able to bring my book to life with the details that I requested in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.Sean and the team were always willing to help make the process as easy as possible. I would highly recommend this company.Beth Bauer Services purchased- Illustrations & bronze package (cover design, book design & hardcover publishing)

Beth Bauer

I have been very impressed with the level of service by Blueberry Illustrations. \"Grandma, Tell Me A Story (Tales About Mules, Snakes, and Fires in the Country)\" is my first book and the whole staff at Blueberry was helpful and prompt with suggestions and responses. I love the creative illustrations which compliment my stories and bring them to life.I started out purchasing Bronze *, but I became convinced of their professionalism after a short time of dealing with them, and I realized I needed their guidance all the way through with getting my book marketed. I subsequently purchased all the services offered. I am very pleased with my web site, The second book is in process now, Grandma, Tell Me A Story (Old Fashioned Christmas) with them.I am also very grateful to Sean for his support and kind words of encouragement. First time experiences can be nerve wracking for a novice author, and I appreciate his advice and guidance. Services purchased- 12 illustrations, bronze++ package (cover design, book design, editing, paperback & e-book publishing) & website)

Kathleen Buxton

Sean. Thank you for all you have done to promote Marty’s Road Trip. The illustrations are amazing. I could not have launched the Book without the amount of support you gave me. Thank you. It has been a lot of fun. Pat Ensing.  Services purchased- illustrations & silver+ package (cover design, book design, editing, paperback & e-book publishing, website & 3 month book promotion)

Patricia D. Ensing

I am pleased with the services that I received. Tremendous job done on the illustrations! I have received many positive comments about them. Thank you for a job well done ? Services purchased- Illustrations & bronze++ package (cover design, book design, editing, hardcover & e-book publishing), website & 1 month book promotion

Sheila Derreberry

Dear Blueberry....I want to thank you very much for the wonderful experience of my first book. I plan to do another one and will be in touch again. I think your team did a super job and went above and beyond to help me from the first step to the last. Thanks so much. Wishing you all a wonderful day. Thanks Again...Heather English Services purchased- illustrations & silver+ package (cover design, book design, editing, hardcover & e-book publishing, website & 3 months book promotion)

Heather Lovasa English

Blueberry Illustrations has illustrated 6 books and designed a Book Trailer for me. Blueberry Illustrations does excellent, outstanding work. I love the work they do. The customer service is also remarkable. They are very helpful, caring, kind, and makes sure the work is done professionally, excellently, and in a timely manner. After all of this time, I continue to enjoy working with them and plan to continue to use their service.Miranda Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design, e-book publishing & video trailer.

Miranda Burnette

We had an excellent experience overall for being first time customers. We have also never created a book before so there were many things that we had to learn and your team did a great job explaining things. Thank you so much for the great work and we look forward to working with you in the future.-Matt & Anna LaClair Services purchased- Illustrations, character design, cover design & book design

Matt & Anna Laclair

I have now published two children’s picture books with Blueberry Illustrations. “Look Mommy, There’s My Moon!” and “Marvelous Maddie Gets Her Wiggles Out”.The Blueberry staff were reliable and prompt with all communications between us. They followed my descriptions for all illustrations. The illustrations are bright and colorful and very appealing to children. The layout was also very well done. Blueberry sent my books to Amazon for final printing and sale, which was also a smooth process.I am very pleased with the staff, and my books they published! I highly recommend Blueberry for all children’s authors.Ruth Pruitt Services purchased- Illustrations & bronze package (cover design, book design & paperback publishing)

Ruth A. Pruitt

Great Job! Wonderful illustrations and color. Thanks for the supreme work everyone put towards finalizing this short story rhyme book; The Haunted House, Bubba Rouse and the Mouse. I am very appreciative! Services purchased- Silver+ package (cover design, book design, editing, paperback publishing, e-book publishing, website & book promotion)

L. G. Ingle

I received the proof copy today and it looks absolutely AMAZING!! Thank you again for all your help.  Services purchased- Book design & paperback publishing

Shalia Seibles

I had never published a book before, Blueberry Illustrations helped me the entire way! I am pleased with my book! I love how colorful it is! I was unwell for a few weeks and couldn\'t keep the schedule but Blueberry Team was very  patient with me. They responded to me every time I contacted them! If I write another book, I would use Blueberry again! Services purchased- Illustrations and silver+ package (cover design, book design, editing, paperback publishing, e-book publishing, website & book promotion)

Susan Richins

My story really came alive with your beautiful illustrations. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I know I will be coming to you again for my next book. Thank you!Jessica Cannon Services purchased- Illustrations and bronze+ package (cover design, book design, paperback & e-book publishing)

Jessica Cannon

Dear Blueberry Illustrations Team,I am beyond pleased with my first book. The illustrations are phenomenal and look better than I could have ever imagined. I have received so many compliments on the beautiful illustrations. As a new author, you have made this experience really enjoyable for me. I will definitely use your company again for my next book.Sincerely,Christian Sanders Services Purchased- Illustrations & silver package (cover design, book design, editing, paperback, e-book publishing & authors website

Christian Sanders

I was very happy with the website. I’m especially excited that when I type in the name of my book in google the website is one of the first to come up. I love the layout and the simplicity of it. Blueberry did an excellent job!Stephanie Jones Services purchased- Website

Stephanie Jones

All I can say is Wow! This was the best experience! The book turned out amazing and everyone is loving it! I am so grateful to your illustration services and help with self publishing on Amazon! I will highly recommend you to everyone!!! Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design and publishing assistance

Megan Moyneur

I am thankful and pleased with all the work I purchased. I plan to purchase again soon. Services purchased- Illustrations

Lwanda Triplett

Blueberry Illustrations has worked perfectly for me. I\'ve used them twice now, and both times they were professional and on time. The artwork is superb, and the ability of the team to interpret my vision and sketch up drawings is amazing. Definitely going to use them for book three. Services purchased- Illustrations

Michael Martinez

I thoroughly enjoyed our working together on my first two children’s books. I’m planning on doing two together next and starting them shortly. I want to get these next two stories up and published ASAP. I will let you know shortly. The next story will have a slightly different cover to it. Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book design, hardcover & e-book publishing

Dennis O Neil

I just wanted to update you and let you know the book \"Stinson SAKs The Zoo\" is officially published, and on the market (and as of now has sold 256 copies).The book is doing well, and people are loving the illustrations. Thank you to you and your team for helping make my dream come true. Please share with the team my many thanks. Brandi Foster Services purchased- Illustrations and cover design

Brandi M. Foster

I want to personally thank you all, the service was very professional and consistent with project dates and completion of the project. I am currently working on the 2nd book in the Granddaddy children\'s book series and I am finishing my book on a historical perspective and strategy concerning African Americans survival in the United States. I am super excited about both of these projects moving forward and looking forward to working with you in the future. Thank you again! Service purchased-Illustrations & Bronze +package (cover design,Book design,Hardcover publishing & E-book publishing )

Brain D Watts

I very much enjoy working with Sean. Richa is a wonderful illustrator! I am grateful to Blueberry illustrations for doing such a wonderful job. Service purchased-Illustrations, Cover design & Book design.

Catherine Haala

Everything is done and I can\'t say enough good things about working with you guys thank you so much for all the help it is much appreciated:-) Lisa Jacovsky, M.S. Doctoral Student TCSPP Children’s book author Service purchased-Illustrations, Editing, cover design,Book design,Hardcover publishing & E-book publishing.

Lisa Jacovsky

This is Book 4 from my book series. I have worked with Blueberry illustrations for last 7 years and they are as caring as they were when I did my first book with them. Their high level of customer service is worth appreciating. Looking forward to working with Blueberry again in near future. Service purchased-Illustrations, Cover design & Book design.

Diana Kuzlik

I initially contracted Blueberry illustrations for illustrations but as I got to know their professionalism and processes, I decided to use their publishing services as well as the book promotion services. They were really very efficient and maintained a great communication at all stages. I got an authors website made by them and it looks very good. I can sell the book directly from my website. Service purchased- -Illustrations ,cover design,Book design,Hardcover publishing, Editing & Author website.

Terry Ammons

I purchased the Silver Package and illustrations. Blueberry illustrations provided beautiful and professional illustrations. They have a professional publishing team and I worked with the illustrator and publishing team directly and they were very kind to the revisions and changes suggested by me. Also, the website which they did for me is very professional and I have been receiving many compliments about it. I am lucky to have found Blueberry illustrations. Blueberry is highly recommended if you are looking for a professional publishing and illustration agency. Service purchased-Illustrations, cover illustration , Silver package (Editing , cover design,Book design,Paperback publishing, E-book publishing, & Author website.

Crystal Crutchfield

Just completed the Book 6 from my book series. Really happy with the illustrations and Publishing services of Blueberry illustrations. Service purchased--Illustrations , Bronze package ( Editing ,cover design, Book design, & Hardcover publishing.

Marc Moss

I purchased illustrations and cover design from Blueberry illustrations and I am really happy with the final product. The illustrations are really very beautiful and just as I expected them. Gratitude and love. Service purchased--Illustrations ,cover illustration & cover design.

Rhonda Campbell

I completed the book 7 from my book series. Blueberry continues to exceed my expectations . Thank you. Service purchased---Illustrations,Bronze package (Editing, Cover design, Book design & Hardcover publishing )

Marc Moss

I used the illustrations as well as their Bronze++ Publishing package and it covered all publishing services including the editing and hardcover publishing. The quality of the book after printing was immensely good and I was highly satisfied with the result. Blueberry illustrations deserve a lot of credit for their hard work and professional conduct. Every service was delivered timely and my approval was obtained before finalizing everything. I could not have asked for anything more. Service purchased–Illustrations, Bronze++ package (Editing, Cover deisgn, Book design, Hardcover publishing & E book publishing )

Matt Kluge

Blueberry illustrations did a great job with the cover of my book. They simply exceeded my expectations and everyone loved the cover of my book.Thank you! Service purchased- Cover illustration & Cover design

Aaron Kahan

I am very pleased with the beautiful illustrations provided to me by Blueberry Illustrations for my illustrated children’s book, Max Goes to Town. The illustrations are colorful and depict the story in detail exactly as I had asked you to do. You were willing and able to make minor adjustments when I requested it of you,too.. I have just written another children’s book that will require illustrations and I will positively use your services again. Service purchased-Illustrations

Cynthia Clark

If I can describe my experience with Blueberry illustrations in one word, then that would be “Awesome”. They are simply the best and so very affordable. I worked with the illustrator directly and shared my expectations and the illustrations were exactly as I had expected. The Publishing service was also equally good and easy for me. Service purchased-Illustrations, bronze+ package (Cover design, Book design, paperback publishing & E book publishing )

Lasharae Spencer

The Book cover provided by Blueberry illustrations was really very beautiful. It was well appreciated by the readers and everyone who saw it. Blueberry illustrations is one of the most talented agencies in USA and they provide extraordinary quality of illustrations and publishing services. Service purchased- cover illustration & Cover design

Alisha Hazziez

Working with you on my project was an amazing journey. I appreciate your patience as you guided me through the process. Many educators continue to rave over the beautiful and bold illustrations that capture the children’s attention as they read and request re-reads.Thanks so much for your expertise and amazing illustrations that brought to life the words on each page of ‘I Am ddAea.’ Service purchased- Illustrations, Bronze +package (Cover design, Book design , Hardcover publishing & E-book publishing

Etta B. Harbin

Yes, everything has been going well. Sean has gone over and above to ensure that I’m happy with the final results. He’s been extremely patient and understanding. He’s an extremely talented illustrator and I look forward to working with him on the next project. I’m so glad I found Blueberry Illustrations.Thanks again, Service purchased-Illustrations & Cover illustration.

Linda Nelson

I loved my first experience book publishing with Blueberry illustrations! This was my first book and I did not know how the process works, but you explained it thoroughly and helped me to understand along the way. Your designer is awesome! As you know, this is a book series. I will be contacting you to illustrate the subsequent books. Thank you for your patience with me, and your expert advice. I appreciate it! Service purchased-Illustrations, Bronze++Package ( Editing,Cover design, Book design,Paperback publishing & E-book publishing. )

Jacqueline Andrade

Overall, my experience was a pleasant one. It was a bit of a learning curve as this was my first time venturing into the Children’s Picture book arena, but Blueberry Illustrations made the process seamless. Also they did an amazing job with turning my ideas into actual illustrations that I’d envision. They helped me when I was unsure about certain scenes as well.Blueberry Illustrations provided wonderful illustrations that everyone seems loves. The kudos keeps coming. My feedback has been very positive and affirmative. I even received a good Kirkus Review as well!So not only did I get awesome Illustrations but, I received guidance and a true partnership along the way. My books turned out better than I imagined! Service purchased- 09 Spread, 03 single illustrations, Back cover spot illustration, Cover design, Book design, Hardcover publishing, Paperback publishing & E-book publishing.

Travis Peagler

My experience was absolutely wonderful I enjoyed the fact that step by step you involved me you showed me everything step by step always communicated plenty of emails asking for my feedback it was a great experience. Service purchased- Illustrations and Silver+package ( Editing, Cover design, Book design, Hardcover publishing, E-book publishing , Website & 3 months book promotion )

Vanessa Talbert

This was a great experience and I enjoyed the entire process of working on the book. The structure and timeline provided worked very well with my schedule. I was able to determine blocks in my day, where I could work on the details of the book without interrupting with my other duties. As I am extremely busy with my day job, I was able to contribute to the illustrations with ease and the frequency of the communications was highly appreciated and well organized. I will highly recommend you to anyone in search of self publishing packages for their story bookThank you so much for all the help. Service purchased-Illustrations and Silver+package ( Editing, Cover design, Book design, Hardcover publishing, E-book publishing , Website & 3 months book promotion )

Francis Enane

“What can I say about Blueberry Illustrations Company – They are the ABSOLUTE BEST! To put it mildly. I trusted them with my very first children’s book, which definitely will not be my last! I am working on a Children’s Book Series right now, and Blueberry Illustrations is the company that I will be using for that series.Blueberry Illustrations are the thing that brought my book: My Lucky Brown Shoes to life. Everyone who has seen my book, and purchased it – all comment on the vibrant colors in the illustrations. They have some of the best children book illustrators and publishing staff – Sean has been phenomenal to work with! If you are looking for Children’s book illustrations and self publishing services, look no further, because you are at the right place!”~Audrey Pierce BattleI could say so much more – I didn’t want to take up all the space. Lol Service purchased-Illustrations and Silver+package ( Editing, Cover design, Book design, Hardcover publishing, E-book publishing , Website & 3 months book promotion )and second paperback publishing.

Audrey Battle

Service was amazing as always. Timelines meet and they never hold me up with getting my project out. I highly recommend Blueberry Illustration! Service purchased-Illustrations & Cover design.


Greetings!I was referred to Blueberry Illustrations by my friend and author Alisha Hazziez. Being a first time author and self publisher, I had many questions before starting the process. The staff was patient with me and answered all my questions. The staff was professional and kept the line of communication open throughout the entire process. I am 100% satisfied with the customer service and the finished product. I will be using Blueberry Illustrations for all my future projects. I recommend Blueberry Illustrations to anyone needing the services you provide. I’m excited that my book is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Service purchased- Iron+ package ( Editing, cover design & book design )

Stephanie Brown

I am very pleased with the beautiful illustrations provided to me by Blueberry Illustrations for my illustrated children’s book, Max Goes to Town. The illustrations are colorful and depict the story in detail exactly as I had asked you to do. You were willing and able to make minor adjustments when I requested it of you,too.. I have just written another children’s book that will require illustrations and I will positively use your services again. Service purchased-Illustrations

Cynthia Clark

Nice job all the way around. An outstanding collaboration of talent and tolerance. Service purchased-Illustrations, Cover design, book design & hardcover publishing

John D. Dries

It has been a pleasure working with you. I am thrilled with how the illustrations turned out. No matter how many changes I came up with, I felt you were always so polite, and never made me feel bad about anything that I asked for. You also have done a great job guiding me through the process of creating my book. Service purchased-Illustrations and Silver+package ( Editing, cover design, book design, hardcover publishing, E-book publishing, website , 03 book promotion ), portrait & book trailer

Mary Ferguson

Blueberry illustrations does a excellent job on color, illustrations and publishing. I have recommended Blueberry illustrations to others and will continue too. They are very reasonably priced compared to competitors and I would not have been able to publish two children’s books without them. Service purchased-Illustrations and Bronze++package

Stephanie Jones

It has been great working with Blueberry Illustrations. They meet all dead lines on or before time. They were very helpful with any questions I had and walked me through things I did not understand. Their work is remarkable and I would recommend their services to anyone. Thanks Blueberry illustrations for making our dream book become reality. Service purchased- illustrations, Silver+package (Editing, cover design, book design, hardcover publishing, E-book publishing, website & 03 months book promotion )

Jeremiah Alston

So far my experience has been great. Service purchased-Character design, Illustrations & bronze++package (Cover design, Book Layout , Editing, Paperback & E book Publishing )

Sahil K.Jhaveri

Simply put, these are the nicest people you will ever deal with, I cannot recommend them highly enough. They will help you every step of the way, from your manuscript to finished book. Their work cannot be praised enough. They have turned my paltry efforts into wonderful books. I have used them on every book I’ve written, and will always use them. We are on our seventh book together, and will soon begin more. Several years ago I wrote a small book, and not being able to draw a stick figure myself, needed it illustrated. I can’t tell you the time I wasted, from local artists who promised the sun, moon, and stars, but did nothing, to websites that were a waste of time. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Blueberry, but I’m glad I did. These are just good folks, I think that should be praise enough. M. Heart Moss Service purchased-Illustrations & Bronze Package ( Cover Design, Book Design & Hard Cover publishing )

M.Heart Moss

My experience with the entire process including pricing has been nothing short of OUTSTANDING!! Looking forward to our continued collaboration. Service purchased-Illustrations and bronze++package ( cover design,book design,Editing , Hardcover,paparback publishing ,E-book publishing )

James L. Capra

When I originally researched, looking for an illustrator, I had no idea what to expect. You all made the process so easy and I will continue to share your name and expertise with everyone. The illustrator you assigned to my book was outstanding! Thank you so much! You have made my Book so special. Brenda Bunkers Service purchased-Characters, illustratons, iron+package ( Editing,cover design, book design & hardcover publishing )

Brenda Ruppert Bunkers

My experience was very good! Service purchased-Illustrations and cover design,book design, Paperback publishing.


5 stars just aren’t enough! During the publishing process of my book “Levi Runs in the Summer Field Race” Sean kept me constantly updated from beginning to end. Their customer service was excellent. Blueberry Illustrations went above and beyond to make sure they captured what I wanted. The illustrations are simply AMAZING! They are a key factor in my book selling so well. The editor had wonderful suggestions and the layout looks great? This is my second book with Blueberry Illustrations and I plan on doing at least 5 more. So thankful I used them. Bravo and thank you to the entire staff at Blueberry illustrations!!! Regina Shickel Service purchased-Illustrations and Editing, cover design,book design, Hardcover publishing.

Regina J. Shickel

Wowwee!!! That looks fantastic!!! You are so good!!! I will be looking to you again to do other books I am working on!! I love your illustrations!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I will forever be grateful to you for making my first book so very wonderful with your fantastic illustrations!!! Thank you again so very much!!! Big Hug!! Sincerely, Robin Mehringer P.S. I am grinning like a Chestshire cat who ate all the cream!! So happy!!! Service purchased-Illustrations

Nanny Robin

Yes, I have for the most part enjoyed your services. Sean and the illustration team have been wonderful to work with. My illustrator for the last few books has been very talented and so patient with my revisions. That has been much appreciated! Regards, Brenda Service purchased-Illustrations, cover design, book design & paperback publishing

Brenda E. Swain

To date the experience has been very good. So good that I have submitted a second book to be printed. Keep up the great work. It is much appreciated. Thankyou….Paul. Service purchased-Sample illustration, illustrations and bronze++packaze ( Editng, cover design, book design, hardcover publishing & e book publishing )

Paul A. Mitchell

Beyond outstanding!! During each step for each book the Blueberry team was so attentive to our illustration needs and the products were so outstanding and more than we had hoped for!! Service purchased-Illustrations and bronze++package ( cover design,book design,Editing ,paparback publishng,E-book publishing )

James L. Capra

Oh my goodness your service was impeccable even under difficult conditions. I was pleased every step of the way, and I have given a few referrals and did some ads around your services. Thank you so much. Mary K Dougherty Bootstrap Publishing Service purchased-Illustrations and bronze package ( cover design ,book design & hardcover publishing )

Richard Shaw

Hello and thanks for reaching out to me. I have been happy with the services from Blueberry Illustrations to this point, the book and the website both. I am excited and very very happy with Blueberry illustrations. Your team is so professional and talented. All services and communications have been timely and professional. I am very pleased and grateful. I would definitely work with this company again. Regards, Karen Service purchased- illustrations, Book Cover ,Book Layout ,Editing ,Publishing Assistance & Author Website

Karen Dries

Thank you so much. I truly appreciated your services. You’ve been amazing and made my vision become a reality. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Great Day, Passionette Jacobs Service purchased-Illustrations and bronze++package ( cover design,book design,Editing ,paperback publishing ,E-book publishing )

Passionette Jacobs

I’m thrilled that my paperback and Kindle version went live today! It was quite a process and a great one. I’m very pleased with the illustrations, the communication and the quick responses to my questions and concerns. Overall, I’m pleased, and I will recommend you to others. I also plan to work with Blueberry Illustration again. Service purchased- Illustrations & Bronze++ Package ( Cover Design , Book Design ,Editing , Paperback Publishing & E- Book Publishing )


Dear Blueberry Illustrations,This process was all new to me and I entered in unsure of what to expect.The process exceeded my expectations and participating in the creative process was very rewarding. Seeing the final publication was heart-tugging and provided a sense of pride and joy!I plan to do this again!Thank You!Larry Mitchell Service purchased- Illustrations and bronze package (cover design, book design & Hard cover Publishing).

Larry W. Mitchell

I am been very happy with the communication and level of detail in theillustrations. It feels as if the illustrator really understands my needs. This was my first time working with Blueberry Illustrations after having a really bad experience with a freelancer in the past. I am happy that all deadlines have been met and I am consulted with the whole waythrough the process. Service purchased-Illustrations and cover design.

Antigoni Alevras

Bike for Buster was our first ever book. Blueberry Illustrations did a masterful job of illustrating our story and were very patient with us throughout the process. I recommend their services to anyone looking for an illustrator, be it your first book or your 100th! Thanks to Blueberry Illustrations, our self-published book is as good as or better than books that are published through large publishing houses. We currently have (18) 5 star reviews on, and learned last week that we won a Moonbeam Award. We were the only self-published book to win in our category. Thank you Blueberry Illustrations for making our endeavour a huge success! Service purchased-Sample illustration, Illustrations and bronze++package( editing,cover design,book design,hardcover,e book publishing )

Junior & Reba McLaughlin

I was super excited and so very happy to choose Blueberry illustrations for my book. Really happy with the Final Outcome. Service purchased-Illustrations ,cover illustration and bronze++package ( editing,cover design,book design,paperback,e book publishing,author website)

Annette Barker

The final illustrations are colorful, appealing, and are of the high quality I expected. Thanks for all your hard work under these health restrictions and workplace disruptions. Despite that and the change requests, you managed to create great products. Yes, I will use your services again. Service purchased-Illustrations and cover design

Dr Brenda Mitchell

I found the experience educational. I had no idea there was so much involved in publishing a children’s picture book. It requires a lot of thought and communication skill to describe what you imagine an illustration. I found the illustrator to be responsive and tuned into my ideas. I wasn’t prepared for the time span from contract to publication. I appreciated the skills I didn’t possess — cover design, interior formatting, uploading to KDP and Ingram Spark. All in all, I’m pleased with my experience.JK Service purchased-Illustrations and bronze++package (editing, cover design, book design, hardcover publishing, paperback publishing & e book publishing)

Jc Konitz

Seeing my stories bound in a book and in the hands of eager readers was a long held dream of mine. The writing was easy but I had no idea how to get my words off of my laptop and into a book. A friend found Blueberry through a Google search and suggested that I give them a try. I was hesitant, of course. There are so many online scammers preying on innocent people; how could I know if Blueberry was legit? I put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and searched Amazon for books illustrated by Blueberry. Check! Indeed Blueberry had illustrated actual books, but how was I to know if this was the real Blueberry and not a sham imposter? I decided to take my search to the next level and reach out to an author who had used Blueberry’s services. I sent out an email and the next day received a call from an author who used Blueberry’s services. I confirmed that we were both referring to the same Blueberry (check!) then proceeded with a litany of questions. Sure enough, Blueberry was the real deal and I felt comfortable proceeding with the next steps to get my books in print. I was a hot mess throughout the entire process of publishing my first book. I needed someone to walk me through each step and I found that “someone” at Blueberry. Sean was so patient with me and the millions of questions I sent to his inbox. He always replied promptly and with expertise he guided me from final draft to published book! To say that I couldn’t have done it without him is an understatement – he was essential in making my dreams a reality. By my second book, I was a pro! Blueberry had earned my trust and I just had to focus on what I knew (writing) and they handled the rest. Apparently they are not sick of me (yet) so I will continue using Blueberry in the future. I think that we make a pretty good team! Service purchased- Illustrations , Cover illustrations, Cover design, Book design, Paperback Publishing, E-book Publishing & Book Trailer.

Amy Rostron

Hello, I appreciate the quick responses. I also like that everything was confirmed before moving forward. I am considering doing the book promotion with your company. Service purchased – Illustrations & Bronze+ Package ( Cover Design, Book Design, paperback & E-BOOK Publishing )

India Brown

I hired Blueberry to do my illustrations for my first book. I was very happy with the work. You matched me up perfectly with an artist that I really liked. Service purchased- Illustrations and cover design

Nanny Robin

Hi, I can honestly say we had the best experience with Blueberry. Their promptness and response to our changes was amazing and it was like working with an artist, right beside you. Thank you for making this process so easy and affordable. Service purchased- Illustrations

Shannon Wasson

Blueberry made self publishing my first book a very easy and enjoyable experience. I was able to get illustrations for my book along with having someone work with me from start to finish completing my book. I really liked being able to choose my illustrator after having an extensive gallery of illustration styles to choose from. This enabled me to get the exact style of illustrations that I envisioned. The illustrations greatly exceeded my expectations and I was able to give input and make changes wherever and whenever needed. I enjoyed having so much control over the finished illustrations. Blueberry made the whole process so easy and it was a great collaboration where I felt very engaged and involved in the process. The project moved along smoothly and they adhered to a schedule and delivered everything promptly. Again, they made the process simple and enjoyable. The finished product far exceeded my expectations. I am thrilled with my first published children’s book, Feelings Are a Trip! Highly recommend Blueberry for illustrations and self publishing. Stephanie Bierman, author, Feelings Are a Trip! Service purchased illustrations, bronze+ package (cover design, book design, paperback, e-book publishing & authors website

Stephanie Bierman

Yes, I greatly enjoyed working with Blueberry Illustrations. Everyone was very helpful and provided me with the right options for my book. I was impressed with the quality of the illustrations, the layout of the book, and ease of communicating with staff. Thank you for helping me with this project. I hope to work with you in the future. Thank you again!Leah Vance Service purchased- Illustrations, bronze+package ( editing, cover design & book design,paperback & ebook publishing )

Leah Vance

My book is already published and I am very happy with how it turned out. You guys did a phenomenal job on the artwork and everyone loves it. This book is currently a #1 New Release! I would love to have your help with illustrations for book #2. Check it out on Amazon! Service purchased- Illustrations and iron package

Colin Rooney

Hello! Absolutely love the illustrations and the interaction has been mostly wonderful. It was an amazing experience and now I am waiting for the Website to be finished. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to publish all of my other children’s books with your company. Cornelia Brown Service purchased- Illustrations, Bronze++package (Editing, cover design, book design, paperback publishing, e-book and website.

Cornelia Brown

We received the copies at the end of last week, and we are really pleased with the final product. Thank you! We had never done this before and didn’t know what to expect, and we ended up with something great that we are proud of, and you certainly helped us accomplish that. Thank you so much. We have written another book that would use the same characters and would certainly use you again. Thanks again.Logan Welch Service purchased- illustrations and Bronze+ Package. ( cover design ,book design, hardcover publishing, E-book publishing )

Logan & Rachel Welch

I had BBI do my illustrations for “The tail of Sneaky Pete” and they are awesome.Everyone who has seen the book has remarked on how professional and colorfulthe illustrations are. I have returned to BBI for a book cover for my next noveland I want to recommend BBI to everyone who needs quality illustrations.

Diana Jeanne

It has been a delightful journey to produce with you “The Uncanny Adventures of Dill, Will and Toucan Bill.” Your group is very professional to work with. You are responsive to all questions and endeavor to be helpful in every way. And since I am a novice at publishing and had many questions I found your colleagues particularly patient and forthcoming. I particularly want to comment on the thought and energy and creativity your artists put into the illustrations. Many of them were complex, involving many characters in odd costumes and set in strange places. I admire that you could so well translate into lively illustrations my thoughts on how I hoped the scene I imagined would look . It was terrific that you provided a sketch, then would address any changes I suggested – again with patience and care – and continue to work with me on every detail. Your group was extremely helpful with the layout and design of the book. As it was with the website, orchestrating several changes, again with good will and creativity. Altogether your service is excellent. I would certainly use your services again and recommend them to anyone seeking to publish a serious and fun children’s book. Service purchased-Sample illustratons, illustrations, Silver+package (Editing, cover design, book design, paperback publishing, E-book publishing, website & 03 months book promotion )

Rosemary Werrett

I am amazed with blueberry illustrations, made everything possible for me to follow my dream and all the hard work put in to my book really shows how well blueberry illustrations works with Authors like me. Service purchased-Illustrations and silver+package ( editing,cover design, book design, hardcover publishing, e book publishing, website & 03 months book promotion )

Dr Suazo

I was very happy with the experience. Your team was great to work with. They were responsive and professional. Thank you, Frances Groeneman Service purchased- Illustrations and silver+package ( Editing, cover design, book design, hardcover publishing, ebook publishing, website & 03 months book promotion )

Frances Groeneman

My experience with Blueberry Illustrations was a positive one. This was my first participation in a project of this nature and I found that time was taken to patiently walk me through the various steps that were required. I felt a little out of my depth at times, especially with the legal and tax aspects of the paperwork required but everything worked out in the end.During the different processes there were many changes that needed to be made and I really appreciated the willingness of the staff to accommodate my preferences, which made the book something that I felt good about and could be proud of. I never sensed any sense of frustration on the part of the Blueberry staff as I made my various requests and they were always happy to make the necessary changes as required.Illustrations are not part of my skill set and I am so pleased that Blueberry was able to step in to fill that need. The drawings took a simple story and made it come alive on the page. I truly hope that children have as much fun reading my book as I had writing it. The finished product looked great. Thanks so much! Lynn Service purchased-Illustrations, Bronze+ package (Cover Design, Book Design, Paperback publishing & E-Book Pub) & website and 01 months book promotion.

Lynn Lemon

I am happy that I chose Blueberry Illustrations to do all of the artwork for my book. They did a great job and I have gotten many compliments on the illustrations from people who have purchased my book. I purchased the silver publishing package option and I am glad I did because this was my first book ever and I had no idea how to get through the self-publishing process on my own. The staff at Blueberry Illustration basically held my hand through each step and they taught me a lot about self-publishing as well. I also purchased a 3-month promotions package through Blueberry to help market my book and I am very pleased. I get weekly updates about how and where the promotions team is working to increase interest and sales of my book. I plan on publishing more books and I will definitely use Blueberry Illustrations again. Thank you Janet Bailey Service purchased- Illustrations, silver package ( Editing , Cover design, Book design, ,Hardcover publishing ,E-book publishing, Website ),1 border illustrations, 03 months book promotions.

Janet Bailey