Connection between Children Stories and Animals

Nature has played an important role during the development of books for children. This started with an idea of educating the children about their world. In those days the books may or may not contain the story telling method, giving knowledge through books was the main idea. As the times changed, people would take their Read More

All About My Book Copyright

This is a very complex topic for all the authors who have just planned to publish their book. The fact of the matter is the author owns the copyright the moment the book is published even if you have not even looked at the copyright registration. But if you have written a book and somebody Read More

Is Self-Publishing a Book Profitable?

You have written your book, and have made a choice between the two- traditional vs Self-publishing. Now, the bigger question, is Self-Publishing really profitable? The answer is not that simple. But just like any other business, YES, you can be successful and earn good money self-publishing your book. Look at the Amazon Bookstore alone, it Read More

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing: Which Is Better?

This question was the very first question amongst the authors who wanted to publish their books. But that’s a thing of the past. More than 90% of the authors are now clear that they want to self-publish their books. It’s only a little percentage of the author’s who still get caught in this question of Read More

What Qualities Should A Good Children’s Book Cover Possess? Find Out

You cannot judge a book by its cover but surely cover is the first thing which attracts a reader. It’s the cover which communicates your first message to its audience. Your children book cover design gives the message, the idea of your story to your reader. If the reader does not find your cover design Read More

Hardcover Publishing or Paperback Publishing

This is one topic which is asked by many aspiring authors, especially by those, who are contemplating self publishing in near future. There is no clear answer to this question, however, if we try to analyse the same question from two perspective, that is cost and sales, then we can get some meaningful answers. When Read More

How to Choose Best Children’s Book Illustration Styles & Illustrator?

When an Author decides to choose an illustrator for his/her children’s book, the most important thing is the style of illustration which will be a part of the book. Usually an illustrator is having a particular style of illustration and at times one illustrator may have two or three different styles. In the process of Read More

15 Reasons to Choose Blueberry Illustrations for Children Book Illustrator

There are many reasons which makes blueberry illustrations the expert in children book illustrations and Self publishing. We are highlighting top 15 reasons because of which you must choose us. Blueberry illustrations offers a large number of illustration styles to its author’s which is the maximum number of options offered by anyone else. With an Read More

Steps we cover in book layout & inside book designing

Every book which is written goes through various phases, there has to be a story to begin with. Once the story is written, you must refine it further and check for possible errors and various levels of editing may be required. After that you start to find your publisher and in case you are not Read More

How long does it take to publish a book?

This is not one of those questions which can be answered with guarantee. Usually it depends upon the speed of the illustrator and also at times, on the deadline of the Author, who wants to publish a book by a certain month of that year. I have generally seen that if the Author and the Read More

Does a website promote a children book

If you are a children book Author and wondering if you need a website where you can show your book for an online presence,then the answer to it is a Yes. You must work hard on your website and the home page must be creatively made where the book cover of your book must be Read More

Is writing a children Book profitable?

I come across this question on various occasions by author’s aspiring to write children’s story books. I always tell them that you should write a children book for the love of it and not thinking of it can be profitable or not. If a children book is written well and is complemented with great illustrations Read More

Pros And Cons of Publishing Vs Self Publishing

This may be one of the difficult questions to answer but this certainly is a very important question. The difference between publishing and self publishing is a very clear one and very well known. When you decide to publish your book with a traditional publisher, you need to send you manuscript to various desks and Read More

Local Children Book Illustrator Vs Any Illustrator

One of the major issues which an author of a children’s book faces is that weather he should hire a Local children book illustrator  or any illustrator who can do the job. Although there is no clear answer to this question because the whole issue depends upon the benefit which the illustrations will bring to Read More

Art of Handling Multiple Children’s Book Illustration Projects

It is a common practice by almost every illustrator to work on more than one project at a time and that is purely for two reasons, making more clients and also increasing scope of income. But many times every illustrator realizes that multiple projects are creating a lot of problems specially in the timely delivery Read More

Tips For Authors to Cope-up With Delayed Deadlines

This is one of the most common problems which is faced by almost all authors. But before we go on the solution part, lets also understand what are the factors which can cause such delays. Usually an author should try to give a deadline in such a manner so that he/she still has some cushion Read More