Style 7


This illustration style for kids book illustrations is done , which are very rich and opaque. It’s a very unique style of illustration for children books and is used for stories which have some adventure element involved in it. This style of kids book illustrations has a lot of background elements and a lot of outdoor scenes which enhance the scene and the overall outcome of the story. The characters, as well as the background, are very clear and sharp and each item can be easily identified for what it is. The characters can be imaginary or from real life and their design can be done as realistic or semi-realistic depending upon the Author’s choice and the demand of the story. Background elements from nature are very important elements for these illustrations and the illustrations are usually deep and not restricted only to the characters. This style of kids book illustration is suitable for the kind of styles and genres. The characters can be both Humans as well as Animals and great emphasis is given on their expressions to bring life to the activity which is going on in the scene. This style of illustration is also used for book covers because these are very descriptive illustrations which convey a lot about the story.  This whimsical illustration style is suitable for fun stories for all ages. These illustrations are done digitally but are painterly in style. The characters are whimsical with rich expressions. Children especially love this style of illustrations because of the bright, expressive characters.