Style 8

These illustrations are done manually in watercolors. The uniqueness of these illustrations lies in sharp clean lines and clean transparent colors. The illustrations look very appealing and delicate in picture books. Suitable for all books for ages 2 to 15 years.

This style of illustration is a very unique and appealing style of illustration and as a children book artist, I use this style of illustration for stories which demand watercolor, which are soft and transparent. The characters are both semi-realistic/cartoonist as well as realistic. The expressions are very important and the illustrations are generally based around the action in the scene. There is a decent use of background also and nature has been used in the background, which gives these illustrations a very soothing effect. This style of illustration is very suitable for children books for the age group of 2-15 years. The colors used are very soft and no bright colors are used; the reason is that the illustration is very soothing and transparent in appearance.

All the characters are busy on some of the other action and all these actions are very well communicated by children book artist through the illustrations and the expressions which are created for them. Kids love the expressions and these illustrations are very rich in expressions. This style of picture book illustration is suitable for both animal characters as well as Human characters.