Style 10

This illustration style focuses on the bright coloring and rich expressions of the illustration. The character designing is done in animated style and detailed coloring is done digitally in bright colors. This style is suitable for picture books for kids age 2-10 years. It is also very suitable for fantasy books.

This style of illustration is a digital illustration type and where bright colors have been used and a lot of effort has been done on the expressions of the characters. This style is equally suitable for both animals as well as human characters. Kids and adults are equally attracted by this style, which has bright colors as well as a lot of expressions. The background elements are used in order to give it a complete feeling of an illustration taking place in actual surroundings. The characters designing is close to semi realistic and the coloring done is very bright and fun. The animal characters are made very cute and expressive as well and the human characters are all shown to be busy in some activity and all the characters are somehow busy doing something and the expressions have been made in a way to bring that activity to life. The elements from nature have had a very important role in these digital illustrations and every element has been given detailed shape and color so that it does not look unnatural and looks very soothing to the eyes of the viewer (both kids and adults). Children’s storybooks have different requirements and this style of illustration suits a story with a lot of activity going on in the scenes.

We offer you the best affordable children book illustrators and that too at a very affordable price. Our price starts at $70 per illustration, which is the most competitive price in the industry. Not just that, you also get to work with the illustrator directly as our illustrators are in-house. Yes, they are all in-house illustrators and unlike the other self-publishers who outsource their illustration work, we make the illustrations in our studio.

We have very strict control over the quality and deadline for meeting the committed deadline and we make sure that your project is monitored properly in order to avoid any delays because we understand that as an Author, illustrations is just one part of the whole process. There are many stories about how self-publishers give very poor service for illustrations; the only reason for that is the ineffective control on the illustrators because they are all outsourced. Despite big claims, they offer you poor service only. But Blueberry illustrations, popularly known as BBI, is committed to offering top quality on time and also at affordable prices.

Our affordable children book illustrators are very talented and they understand the fact that Author’s are under a lot of pressure to make the book successful and thus they involve the Author’s in the whole process of illustration and each step is shown to you and approval is taken to move forward to the next step. That is the kind of culture which is developed here at BBI. We respect each Author and make sure that the top quality of illustrations is delivered on time.

We also offer 26 different illustration styles, which are maximum offered by any self-publisher. Our styles are actually different from each other and we also offer an exclusive Catalogue, which has illustrations based on various themes of the story, which demands different types of illustrations like realistic, semi-realistic, whimsical, etc. We give you a wide range of styles to choose from and also offer you very easy processes which are very friendly. This is proved by the fact that many of our Authors get their second book illustrated by us.