Style 31

This illustration style is sharp and clean. These illustrations are suitable for all ages and mainly textbooks and knowledge books.

This style of illustration for kids storybooks is done in a digital illustration style and gives a very sharp and clean appearance. These types of illustrations are suitable for all types of children books and suitable for all ages of children. Generally, these styles are used in educational books, textbooks, activity books, etc. Usually focused around an activity or a set of activities, the characters are seen doing some task. The characters used are semi-realistic as well as realistic. The use of the characters depends upon the requirement of the story as well as the preference of the Author. Both realistic and semi-realistic characters can be used for this style for children’s book stories. The use of background is limited because most of the attention is brought to the immediate scene or the activity taking place in the scene. All the illustrations are busy to look and convey the activity taking place in a very clear manner. These illustrations make use of all kinds of color depending upon the activity and the objects which need to be included as a part of the illustration. All in all, a very eye-catching and colorful presentation is brought about by these illustrations and this style is really loved by kids of all age ages.