Style 30

This style of illustration is a black and white artwork. They are clean digital outlines of the illustration. They are very suitable for coloring books. The use of background is done in a few illustrations where some of them don’t have enough background. This is a very cartoon-like illustration style done in blank digital strokes. The loud facial expressions and nice action of characters make these illustrations very charming and it is especially loved by kids. This style of illustration is a very special style of illustrator portfolio and is a semi-realistic / cartoonist style. There is a black outline on the characters as well as the other items created in this style of illustration. It gives a very sharp appearance to the illustration. They are clean in appearance so they are suitable as coloring books where little kids can practice their coloring skills. illustration where the characters and the objects usually look a bit faded. These illustrations are a very good choice for activity-based books as well as other education based children books. The kids instantly get attracted to this style of kids book illustrations and the story gets a huge boost with such illustrations. The use of background is very limited here and most of the illustrations are limited to the immediate scene and the activity which the characters are doing. This style of illustration is equally suitable for human as well as animal characters. Some authors prefer to have only black and white illustrations and no coloring, so this style is definitely a great fit for them. This style is also more cost-effective.