Style 29

This style of illustration is a black and white sketch. These illustrations are done in pencil sketch. There is no need to color them further because the illustrations look complete. The characters used in this illustration are semi-realistic and realistic characters can also be illustrated depending upon the requirement. The use of background is done in a few illustrations where some of them don’t have enough background. The expressions given to the characters are very real and the characters appear to be very cute in this particular style of children’s book illustration. This style of illustration is equally suitable for human as well as animal characters and the expressions play an important role in this style of illustration. This style is suitable for all types of children’s books, which don’t need coloring and especially the stories in which the target audience is above 6 years of age. Many authors prefer to have only sketching and no coloring, so this style is definitely a great fit for them. This style is also more cost-effective.